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High Availability Services

Request and Justification Process

Please email your request and justification to Email should include the following information:
  • Service/Application Name;
  • Service Owner (if known);
  • Server Names (if known);
  • Reason this service is critical to Lab during a power outage.

If approved the team will email you back on process to move the device(s) to the HA rows. If not approved you will be informed as to why.

If you have purchased updated hardware and need to swap old servers for new ones in the HA rows, please send the request to the OCIO-HA email address.

Detail for OCIO-HA team: (restricted access)

Current Servers in HA Racks

The current list of servers which are in the HA racks is available from our authenticated KB article: HA Servers.

Review Process

The HA team is required to review all current approved HA servers annually. They must validate that the justification provided still applies. HA Team also needs to determine if the infrastructure devices are still appropriate to support the approved servers/services. The last formal review was completed in November, 2014.  Informal reviews are performed whenever new systems are added.