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NoMachine NX Client Installation for Windows:

Use the instructions below for connecting from Windows machine to NoMachine NX server.

The current server name is

1. If you have a Windows XP or Windows 7 system on the SLAC network, you can skip all the way to Step 7 this instruction, and then go to Step 10.

   Download and install from the url if your system in the SLAC domain:  System Center.


   If your system is not on the SLAC network, go to to url: to download and install the current version of NoMachine.


* The screen shot will not look the same on NoMachine 4.0 client installation. The current recommended version of NoMachine client is 3.5.

2. Go to Start menu -> All Programs -> NX Client for Windows -> NX Connection Wizard

3. Hit Next



  • Session: nxserv
  • Host:
  • Port: 22
  • Select type of internet connection: ADSL


5. Change the dropdown to select GNOME instead of KDE, hit Next


6. Hit Finish

7. Launch Nomachine: Go to Start menu -> All Programs -> NX Client for Windows -> NX Client for Windows,

    Select the session dropdown menu for the name of the session that you have just created, click on the Configure button


8. Click on the Advanced tab, check the box 'Disable DirectDraw for screen rendering', hit Save and then Ok

    * After you are done with the setup, please send an email to for access to nxserv.


9. Once you are back to the log in screen, type in your Unix username to login and your password, hit the Login button
10. If you have problem logging in, see the workaround below to remove the authorized_keys2 from ~/.ssh directory.

11. To access LCLS, Facet, MCC related application, right-click on desktop, select 'Open Terminal', type in 'ssh mcclogin'.

     To make it easier to access MCC applicatioins, right-click "Open Terminal", at the command line type "/u1/Desktop/install".

     This will create 5 icons on your desktop: lclshome, facethome, xtahome, astahome, and MCC Terminal.

     * Proper authentication is required to access MCC applications


Problem and Issues:

There are also other things that would affect regular X11 login or Nomachine login:


Type in 'fs lq' to check your quota or 'fs lq ~<username>' to check other user's quota

Rename or remove the .gconf or .gconfd directory in your AFS home directory


If you use dual monitor, you will need to check the box 'Disable DirectDraw for screen rendering' to have display function correctly when moving it between 2 monitors.


Last Updated: December 2013

Contact IT Helpdesk for any issues.