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Outlook Web Access - Exchange 2007

Microsoft Help for OWA 2007:


You will have a choice of Public or Private session. The Private session should only be used when you are on a computer you trust. The session will stay active longer. Use the Public setting for those times you are using someone else's computer to check email. The session will time-out after 15 minutes.

If you are using Internet Explorer you'll have a choice of Premium or Basic client (non IE browsers only get Basic). The Premium client has all the OWA features included. Basic has less OWA features but is faster so would be a good choice for Internet Explorer users with a slow internet connection. 


OWA URL for Another Exchange Account

Most people only have one Exchange account, but if you have more than one and need to check the email for the other account(s) you can use the following URL as an example. Replace your secondary account name for 'joeuser' in this example:

The URL to open a Calendar for a weekly via of a meeting room would be as follows: 


Logging in with your Email Address

If you are unable to login in OWA with your email address please contact Helpdesk. They need to make a change to your Windows account to fix this. 


Rules in OWA

Server rules are run on the server when you e-mail arrives so will execute no matter what client you are running. Client-rules run only when e-mail arrives while you are using that client. If a server rule is grayed out in your list of Rules in OWA then it is still working but you just cannot edit it with OWA (Example: Any rule which includes an "exception" will be grayed out in OWA Rules listing). 

Setting Forward From OWA

This option is appropriate for short-term forwarding of e-mails:

Open an OWA session (preferably with Internet Explorer) and click the button at the bottom which says 'go to rules' when your cursor is over it. In the Edit Rule window press the New button; give it a meaningful name; at the bottom of the window select 'Forward it to' and fill in your offsite email address in the field at the right. Decide whether you want a copy kept in your Exchange Inbox and check or uncheck the box just under your offsite email address accordingly. Press Save and Close button. You'll get a prompt warning you that this will affect all messages you receive. Just press OK to acknowledge this.

Anyone needing long-term forwarding (several months) should request the change be made by the mail-admin team as described here: Due to the overhead in this configuration we request that you only choose this when your forwarding is going to be for several months, and only for ACTIVE employees and users. 


Common Problems

  • With Internet Explorer you should add the SLAC web server to your "Trusted Sites" and/or

  • Enable cookies (the cookies are temporary and will be removed when the session ends)

  • Enable JavaScript

  • Enable ActiveX