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5th Collaboration Meeting on X-band Accelerator Structure Design and Test Program


Accelerator Directorate > Events > 5th Collaboration Meeting on X-band Accelerator Structure Design and Test Program
5th Collaboration Meeting on
X-band Accelerator Structure Design and Test Program
Dates: 16-18 May, 2011

Presentations / Talks Given:



May 16


May 17


May 18






Status Reports

High Power Facilities

Theory Basic/General on vac arc


Welcome – S. Tantai

Two Beam Test  stand results – E. Adli


Breakdown studies at the Helsinki Institute of Physics – K. Nordlund


Future directions of the CLIC rf development program – W Wuensch

Using 5 MW klystrons for structure testing and FEL’s – I. Syatchev


Some investigations of the field enhancement factor –T. Abe


R&D status and future strategy in KEK X-Band area – T. Higo

High Power Tests at Klystron Lab – V. Dolgashev


Damage Studies – Juwen Wang


X-Band Status at SLAC – S. Tantawi

The Franscati C-band structure and the high power test of the cavity at KEK – B. Spataro


A tool-kit of physical models for the study of breakdown n accelerator structures P. Wilson


Status of X-Band Program at RadiaBeam – L. Faillace

High-power test of the Frascati C-band cavity at KEK – S. Verdu-Andres


Dark Current Observation n the T-18 Resonant Ring – J. Lewandowski


CLIC DDS developments – R. Jones

X-Band High Power Testing in NLCTA – F. Wang


T-18 Recirculating Ring – J. Haimson


ACE3P Simulation of Wakefield Coupling in the CLIC Two-Beam-Accelerator (280MB Zip file)- A.Candel

Development of X-Band Dielectric PETS – C. Jing


SEM FE Probe Surface Science Studies – L. Laurent


Very Low Beam Loading Line Optimization – F. Wang

Beam basted testing of PETS at the TBL – S. Doebert


Discussion of creating “perfect surface”


Update on Design of Parallel Feed System for Standing –wave Accelerator Structure – J. Nielson

Waveguide components developed for CLIC – I. Syratchev


X-Band RF Power Sources for Accelerator Applications – L-3


Recent analysis of High-gradient experiments – W.Wuensch

The Next Generation of the Compact X-Band Linac for Medical and Industrial Applications - Tanabe


Discussion of High Gradient Structures  – T. Higo


X-band Dual-Mode Cavity D. Yeremian

T24 results and comparison to the preceding studies on CLIC prototype structure H. Higo


Discussion of the standardized high-power X-band flange – W. Wuensch


Discussion of Test Areas

Production of the X-Band  structure at CERN – G. Riddone


Summary  - S. Tantawi



Discussion on the Fabrication J. Wang










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