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FLS 2010 Program


FLS 2010 Workshop Program: Advances in laser/plasma-based sources – W. Leemans (LBNL)

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Advances in laser/plasma-based sources – W. Leemans (LBNL)


Panofsky Auditorium

Start Time

3/3/2010 10:00 AM

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3/3/2010 10:30 AM


Advances in laser/plasma based sources at LBNL

Wim Leemans
LOASIS Program
Accelerator and Fusion Research Division
An overview will be presented of progress on laser plasma accelerator (LPA) research at LBNL, following the 2004 demonstration of high quality electron beams [1] and the 2006 demonstration of GeV class beams from a 3 cm long accelerating structure [2]. Experiments are underway with 10-50 TW lasers to explore longitudinal and transverse tailoring of plasma structures.  This is seen as an essential step towards control of these compact LPAs and to use them for generating coherent light, including THz and XUV radiation. When the PW-class BELLA laser will become available, experiments will commence to demonstrate the production of 10 GeV electron beams from meter-scale structures and their use in producing nm wavelength radiation.
[1] C.G.R. Geddes et al., Nature 431, 538-541 (2004).
[2] W.P. Leemans et al., Nature Physics 2, 696-699 (2006).

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<div style='border: 1px solid #996600; padding: 5px; margin: 0px; color: #996600;background-color: #ffff99;'>Advances in laser/plasma-based sources – W. Leemans (LBNL)</div>

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