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ATF 2011


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11th ATF2 Project Meeting 
January 13-14, 2011
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Menlo Park, California
Research Office Building (ROB Bldg. 48)
New dinner start time Thursday at Hunan Garden is 7 pm

The 11th ATF2 Project Meeting will be held on January 13th and 14th at SLAC.

We will review hardware and tuning status over the past 6 months, asses progress towards ATF2 project goals and plan operations for 2011. The program will consist of plenary talks.

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  • Thursday morning (1/13)
    • Instrumentation and diagnostics hardware systems, review of current status and performance, development plans.
      • BPMs (C-band, S-Band, high-Q IPBPM, low-Q IPBPM, tilt-monitor IPBPM, DR BPMs); IPBSM & IP C-wire; laserwire; fast extraction kicker; EXT multi-OTR; multi-bunch feedback hardware (FONT);
  • Thursday afternoon (1/13)
    • Review status of Goal 1 related studies (35nm IP vertical waist size)
      • Simulations; EXT dispersion correction; EXT coupling correction; BBA; online model; steering; IP tuning system; orbit feedbacks; optics/matching; DR performance; beam stability (jitter studies)
    • Studies towards Goal 2 (few nm beam stability at IP)
      • multi-bunch operations in DR; multi-bunch operations in EXT (FONT); fast extraction kicker performance; IPBPM studies
  • Friday morning (1/14)
    • Goal 1 status review and planning for 2011
    • Goal 2 status review and study items for 2011
  • Friday afternoon (1/14)
    • Technical board.

Please see the agenda for up-to-date information on the agenda. See convenors of sessions and contact them for presentation requests.

 For project information, pleaser contact Nan Phinney.
 For administrative help, please contact Naomi Nagahashi. 



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