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Direct Laser Acceleration


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Recent DLA Publications

R. J. England and L. Schachter, "Beam-beam interaction in a dielectric laser accelerator electron-positron collider," submitted to Phys. Rev. Accel Beams, (2021).

Y. Adiv, K. Wang, R. Dahan, P. Broaddus, Y. Miao, D. Black, K. Leedle, R. L. Byer, O. Solgaard, R. J. England, and I. Kaminer, “The quantum nature of dielectric laser accelerators,” accepted in PRX (2021).

R. J. England, P. Hommelhoff, and R. L. Byer, "Microchip Accelerators," Physics Today 74 (8), 42 (2021).

A. Szczepkowicz, R. J. England, and L. Schachter, "Frequency-domain calculation of Smith-Purcell radiation for metallic and dielectric gratings," Applied Optics 59(35), 11013 (2020).

Z. Zhao, D. S. Black, R. J. England, T. W. Hughes, Y. Miao, O. Solgaard, R. L. Byer, and S. Fan, "Design of a multi-channel photonic crystal dielectric laser accelerator," Photonics Research 8 (10), 1586 (2020).

T. Hirano, K. E. Urbanek, A. C. Ceballos, D. S. Black, Y. Miao, R. J. England, R. L. Byer, and K. J. Leedle, "A compact electron source for the dielectric laser accelerator," Applied Physics Letters 116, 161106 (2020).

N. Sapra, K. Y. Yang, D. Vercruysse, K. J. Leedle, D. S. Black, R. J. England, L. Su, R. Trivedi, Y. Miao, O. Solgaard, R. L. Byer, and J. Vuckovic, “On-chip integrated laser-driven particle accelerator,” Science 367 (6473), 79-83 (2020).​

U. Niedermayer, et al. "Challenges in simulating beam dynamics of dielectric laser acceleration," Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 34, 1942031 (2019).​

D. Bar-Lev, R. J. England, K. P. Wootton, W. Liu, A. Gover, R. L. Byer, K. J. Leedle, D. Black, and J. Scheuer, "Design of a plasmonic metasurface laser accelerator with tapered phase velocity for sub-relativistic particles," Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 22, 021303 (2019).

A. Ody, R. J. England, and Z. Huang, "Simulation of a Dielectric Deflecting Structure for Short-Wavelength Radiation," SLAC-PUB-17379 (2019).​​​

T. W. Hughes, R. J. England, and S. Fan, "Reconfigurable Photonic Circuit for Controlled Power Delivery to Laser-Driven Accelerators on a Chip," Phys. Rev. Applied 11, 064014 (2019).

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U. Niedermayer, et al., "Challenges in Simulating Beam Dynamics of Dielectric Laser Acceleration," in Proceedings of 13th International Compuational Accelerator Physics Conference (ICAP'18), Key West, FL (2018). [ACHIP-wide publication] - submitted to International Journal of Modern Physics.

D. Cesar, P. Musumeci, and R. J. England, "All optical control of beam dynamics in a DLA," in Proceedings of Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop, Breckenridge, CO (2018).

R. J. England, A. Ody, and Z. Huang, "Transverse forces in planar symmetric dielectric laser-driven accelerators," in Proceedings of Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop, Breckenridge, CO (2018).

Z. Zhao, T. W. Hughes, S. Tan, H. Deng, N. Sapra, R. J. England, J. Vuckovic, J. S. Harris, R. L. Byer, and S. Fan, “Design of a tapered slot waveguide dielectric laser accelerator for sub-relativistic electrons,” Optics Express 26 (18), 22801 (2018).​​

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D. Cesar, J. Maxon, P. Musumeci, X. Shen, R. J. England, K. P. Wootton, and S. Tan, "Enhanced energy gain in a dielectric laser accelerator using a tilted pulse front laser," Opt. Exp. 26 (22), 29216 (2018).

T. W. Hughes, S. Tan, Z. Zhao, N. V. Sapra, K. J. Leedle, H. Deng, Y. Miao, D. S. Black, O. Solgaard, J. S. Harris, J. Vuckovic, R. L. Byer, S. Fan, R. J. England, Y. J. Lee, and M. Qi, "On-Chip Laser-Power Delivery System for Dielectric Laser Accelerators," Phys. Rev. Applied 9, 054017 (2018).

E. I. Simakov, R. D. Gilbertson, M. J. Herman, G. Pilania, D. Y. Shchegolkov, E. M. Walker, E. Weis, R. J. England, and K. P. Wootton, "Possibilities for Fabricating Polymer Dielectric Laser Accelerator Structures with Additive Manufacturing," Proceedings of the International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC 2018), Vancouver Canada (2018). 

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K. Soong, et al., "Grating-based deflecting, focusing, and diagnostic dielectric laser accelerator structures," AIP Conf. Proc. 1507, 516 (2012).

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