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TID Computational Electrodynamics


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TID Computational Electrodynamics


ACE3P (Advanced Computational Electromagnetics 3P) Code Suite

  • conformal, higher-order, C++/MPI-based parallel finite-element based electromagnetic codes
  • modules include Omega3P, S3P, T3P, Track3P, Pic3P and TEM3P
  • support from SLAC and DOE HPC Grand Challenge (1998-2001), SciDAC1 (2001-06), SciDAC2 (2007-11), SciDAC3 (2012-15)

Four Closely Integrated Efforts 

Code Development
Parallel software and infrastructure in Electromagnetics (EM)
Computational Science
R&D in computer science and applied mathematics under SciDAC to advance accelerator applications
Accelerator Modeling and Simulation
Solutions to challenging problems in Accelerator Science, Development and Projects
High-performance Computing
US DOE computing resources at NERSC and NCCS to support Large scale Discovery simulations





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