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ARD Administration Department


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​Computer Hardware & Software Requests

Please email for assistance.



Nicholas C. Arias will be providing support for ARD as part of the PPA Departmental Computing Team. To better assist the ARD community, please send email to, so that the PPA team will be able to get to you in a quick and efficient manner.
To purchase new hardware or software please fill out the ARD Computer Hardware & Software Request form and get it signed BEFORE giving it to Nick Arias
For other questions please send email to nixx@SLAC.Stanford.EDU. His back up will be Rodney Wong.

Regulations and Guidelines

Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows: please refer to the Windows home page
  • Linux: please refer to the Linux home page
  • UNIX (including Linux) operating system support is available by contacting, though you can use this trouble call system for desktop-related Linux problems (hardware, network, etc.).
  • Mechanical Design CAD system users should continue to contact CAD support via the CAD Hotline at x2518.
Note: Macintosh is no longer supported by SCS. The departments and users are responsible for the total cost of maintaining the Macintosh, keeping up with anti-virus software, etc. This policy may change.

Hardware Supported

Please see Nicholas C. Arias for assistance on purchases.
Because the integration and support of networked Personal Computers in the Lab computing environment can be extremely complex, supported hardware configurations have been developed that are the only PC configurations guaranteed to work with the SLAC's standard Windows software and standard Installation of Linux at SLAC.
Non-standard hardware and software chosen by users may not work properly in the SLAC's computing environment. Also, requests for non-standard system support is handled on a best-effort basis at substantial increased cost, and will not be priority.
Pre-arranged agreements make it easy for SLAC to purchase and support the standard Dell desktop and laptop configurations listed. There is on-site warranty repairs also available for these supported configurations, and they will be given priority.

Software Supported

For Windows, the file system supported is NTFS. For security reasons, this is the recommended file system on Windows computers. Dual boot systems, etc. are not supported.
When the new workstation arrives, for Windows the PPA Support Team will install the standard software configuration, and for Linux, the Installation of Linux will be installed.

Scheduling New Workstation Purchase, Networking and Installation, Scheduling Re-location of a Workstation

You need to discuss the requirements for, and purchase of, a new workstation with your local administrator approximately six weeks before you need it operable.
Activating a network tap in the new location takes approximately two weeks, and pulling a new network cable (if this is needed) takes approximately one month.

System Administrator/Root Privileges

System administrator/Root privileges for workstations are for local administrators, SCS administrators, and a few department admins/power users who take on the responsibility of helping other users. Due to the complexity of the operating systems, it is necessary to limit the customization of individual workstations.
For users who have administrative/root privilege with the agreement of their department support personnel, please make sure no user data is on the local C drive. If there is trouble with the workstation, then the support personnel may spend only a little time troubleshooting before re-installing the entire workstation to reset to a known condition, and to get the system back up quickly.
For users who insist on having system administrator/root privileges, against the policy of their department support personnel, support may be limited to consultation only.


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