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ARD Administration Department


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Purchase cards


PPA Central Processing: START ON JUNE 1, 2008

Regulations and Guidelines

Requester sends email with description of item to be purchased & preferred vendor Central Processing confirms appropriate form of purchase and obtains any authorizations Central Processing then places order and arranges for shipment Central Processing obtains all appropriate documentation and logs each purchase Reconciles month-end report & submits to ASM for approval


  • You need to provide a valid charge number and GL category code.
  • Unless you specify the shipping method, they will use the ground service.
  • After you receive the package, you need to provide your purchaser the invoice, packing slip and/or receipt immediately, so she can reconcile her monthly statement.
  • Equipment ordered on a Government Purchase Card requires a Property Control bar code number. Please let your purchaser know that we should notify Property Control or you call them directly at ext. 4351 or 4352 as soon as you receive your equipment purchase. We are required to mark and record equipment purchased on the P-Card within 72 hours of receipt. If the item is considered Sensitive property it will need to be marked with a bar code label regardless of cost. If it is not sensitive and the equipment is under $300 you only need to affix a government property label to the item. Government property labels are available by calling our office, Ext. 2231.
  • If Central Processing (Diana Vierra) is not available, Donna Hennandes is her back-up.


Administrative Service Manager (Kathy Webb)

SLAC SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, CA
Operated by Stanford University for the U.S. Dept. of Energy