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ARD Administration Department


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​Information for Visitors


Need to fill out the Visitor Notification Form (Sharepoint version: Visitor Notification Form.)

Then Joan or Naomi will forward to Nick Arias, Keith Jobe etc for office space, pc preparation etc..
Other related forms:

Regulations and Guidelines

This policy addresses the appropriate steps to ensure that all people arriving to work onsite in any capacity with the ARD group receive the necessary information and resources. Arrival Notification Joan or Naomi must receive the following form via email at least 10 business days prior to arrival.
The Admins will maintain the database of all incoming people and distribute the information as received to the following resource people as appropriate
  • Orientation to department (information sheet and checklist) – Joan Valine or Naomi Nagahashi (depending on the group being visited)
  • Identification cards – Please go to Security office (Bldg. 207) or HR (Bldg. 41)
  • Auto registration – Please go to Security office (Bldg. 207 )
  • Telephone – Joan Valine or Naomi Nagahashi
  • Computing requirements (email address, access, software, hardware) – Nick Arias
  • Office space and access – Nan Phinney
  • Budget and financial impacts (charge number, fund source) – Rob Byrne
  • Timesheet arrangements – Joan Valine or Naomi Nagahashi
  • Training and safety requirements – Supervisor, Host or Keith Jobe
The resource people will inform the Admins as their requirements are completed so that the database can be updated. Departure Notification Joan or Naomi must receive notification of the final departure date via email at least 10 business days in advance. They will coordinate checkout requirements and continuing arrangements with the appropriate resource people.


These are two-year academic appointments, renewable for a third year conducting original research under the guidance of the Stanford Faculty. A Ph.D. in physics or engineering is required. Dr. Robert Noble is the chair of the committee that reviews the applications and makes the recommendation to invite a candidate to interview. Joan is the admin who works with the Postdoc committee. A CV and three letters of recommendation are required to complete an application, the committee reviews completed applications and makes their recommendation. Once a recommendation is made Joan follows up with the candidate.

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