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AD SLACPortal > Accelerator Research Division > End Station A (ESA) - End Station Test Beam (ESTB)


Link to Operating Schedule for LCLS and ESTB


T-511Silicon-Tungsten Electromaqnetic CalorimeterRaymond Frey2013 Dec 12 - 162011
T-506Electromagnetic Shower Damage to Silicon Diode SensorBruce SchummJune 18th 2013 to July 15th 20132012
T-510Geosynchrotron radio emission from extensive air showersKonstantin Belov2014 Feb 12-152012
T-505Tests of 3D silicon pixel sensors for ATLAS UpgradesPhilippe Grenier2013 November 12 to 142012
T-509Measurement of neutron flux from the beam dumpJ. Va’vraParasitically with Primary Beam2013
T-513Channeling and Volume-Reflection Studies of High-Energy Electrons in CrystalsH.-Ulrich (Uli) Wienands2013 Dec 5 - 92013
E-222Development of Electron Radiography for Material ScienceDr. Frank E. Merrill2013
T-507Test of a RICH-Prototype Based on CsI-GEMsThomas K Hemmickone week between May 14th 2013 and June 4th 20132013
T-518Production Belle II iTOP module verificationGary Varner2014 July 31st - August 4th2014
T-512Tests of a small PbF2 Crystal Array for the g-2 ExperimentDavid Hertzog2013 Nov 22-262013
T-514Localized Radiation Damage to Silicon Microstrip Sensors for HPSPer Hansson2014 Feb Tentatively2013
T-516ESTB Proposal for the ATLAS Inner Tracker (ITK) UpgradePhilippe Grenier2014 April 25th-29th. May 1st-5th. May 9th-13th2014
T-517The PHENIX MPX-EX CalorimeterThomas K. Hemmick2014, June 20-302014
T-508HERA-B ECal modules beam test in ESTB at SLAC Edward Brashone week between June 4th 2013 and June 17th 20132013

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