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FACET User Facility (old)


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FACET - Facility for Advanced aCcelerator Experiment Tests

Advanced accelerator research promises to improve the power and efficiency of today's particle accelerators, enhancing applications in medicine and high-energy physics, and providing potential benefits for research in materials, biological and energy science. FACET—Facility for Advanced Accelerator Experiment Tests—will study plasma acceleration, using short, intense pulses of electrons and positrons to create an acceleration source called a plasma wakefield accelerator.

Plasma wakefield acceleration is one of the most promising approaches to advancing accelerator technology. This approach offers a potential 1,000-fold or more increase in acceleration over a given distance, compared to existing accelerators.


FACET Science Program Contacts

Mark Hogan
FACET Scientific Leader
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Carsten Hast
Experimental Facility Manager
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Uli Weinands
Sector 0-20 Beam Delivery
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Joe Kenny
FACET Safety Officer
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FACET Project Contacts

Nan Phinney
Project Director
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John Sheppard
Project Scientist
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Jose Chan
Project Manager
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Mark Hogan
Scientific Requirements
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