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How do I get my badge when I arrive at SLAC?​

Where do I go when I arrive at SLAC?​

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You can find desk space ("hotelling") in B52. Please ask Naomi Nagahashi​

FACET Users can also use the space in B244 (the FACET User Trailer) also but are not advised to stay here 24/7 due to its proximity to klystrons (sources of non-ionizing radiation).

If you need assistance finding your way around SLAC, please get in touch with Naomi.

I've been asked to report to International Serives Office- where do I go?​

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International Services is located in Building 53 the Science User Support Building,  Ground Floor. It is best to check in between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM and to avoid lunch when staffing may be low.

 (Visitor Map)

Do I need to go to the International Services Office?​

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Check whether you are from a T-4 or Sensitive country. If so, yes- you need to register with the International Office.​ This should have been captured as part of your registration.

Please bring passport and visa documentation. This needs to be done on the first day you are on site before you get your badge.

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