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Cameras: What cameras are present at FACET?

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What cameras are present at FACET?


​What cameras are present at FACET?


After discussion with various current experiments, we landed on three cameras that will be “standard” at FACET:

 1. Low-resolution camera for laser alignment: AVT Mako G-032B

 2. Medium-resolution camera for beam profile monitors: AVT Mako G-125B

 3. High-resolution camera for specialized diagnostics: AVT Mako G-507B

 We plan to have these cameras in stock at FACET so if one dies we can replace it quickly.

 Other GigE models may be present and in fact, if there is another model that becomes particularly popular, FACET will likely start to stock it.

 Users can also bring their own cameras. User groups can discuss between themselves borrowing cameras.

E.g. E-300 cameras:

ORCA-Flash4.0 CMOS Digital Camera

PCO.Edge Camera


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