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COMPUTERS & COMPUTING: What is Cyber Security training and how often is the refresher?

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What is Cyber Security training and how often is the refresher?


​What is Cyber Security training and how often is the refresher?


If you are not a lab employee, complete the following training within 30 days of being given your computing account:
This course must be taken every year to keep the account active.
SLAC employees should take Course CS200.
SLAC Cyber Security Training is required to maintain a SLAC computer account.   If you do not complete the training within 31 days of its due date, access to your SLAC computer account will be blocked. You will not be able to log in again until after you complete the required training.
How to Complete SLAC Cyber Security Awareness Training:
If you are using a computer issued by SLAC Computing or are using VPN, you can click the blue Launch Web Course button on this page:
You can use your Windows computer account. If you cannot use your Windows account, you can use your SLAC ID# and the password for the training is slac2005
Need assistance with finding your ID# or getting the password or running java? Go to the help page!
When the course is completed, credit for completing the course will be downloaded into the SLAC training database. There is a test at the end of this course, and typically a passing grade of 80% or better is required to receive credit.
NOTE: We are seeing unpredictable behavior with various browsers on different platforms. We recommend you use Internet Explorer on a Windows computer and to save a copy of your certificate of successful completion at the end of all online trainings modules


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