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COMPUTERS & COMPUTING: How do I get a SLAC Computer Account?

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How do I get a SLAC Computer Account?


​How do I get a SLAC Computer Account?


​Please follow the Computing Account step as described here:

Email your form to Christine for the Authorization signature. (If you are listed under a different supervisor in the SLAC Directory, they can sign also).

Once you have a computer account, you can also access your training assessment to keep track of the training you have allocated and their due dates.

Please note that once you have your computer account, you have to complete a Cyber Security Basics Training course within 30 days:  Course CS100 - Cyber Security Training for Lab Users or Course CS200 - Cyber Security Training for Employees (if you are a SLAC employee) . Failure to do so will result in account deletion.

This cyber security course must be taken every year to keep the account active. Failure to keep this training up-to-date will lead to computer account deletion (all data in the account will be lost). 



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