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COMPUTERS & COMPUTING: How do I get an account under fphysics?

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How do I get an account under fphysics?


​How do I get an account under fphysics?


If you would like to get access to FACET control system, for example to pull up the facethome control panel, you need to do the following...

1) Get a SLAC unix account.
$ ssh-keygen -t rsa
(Then hit return three times)
3) Send email to: confirming you've generated your SSH key and copy Christine Clarke.
Give your SLAC unix account name in this email.

Christine will confirm to the controls-system-admin that you need access to FACET servers to do your work. (She may need to get in touch with you to verify that this is indeed the case as not all users need access to FACET servers.) 


Once you've done this, the control-system-admin will grab your RSA key from your unix account and grant you access permission to ssh into the FACET server.



Version: 6.0
Created at 5/18/2012 4:41 PM by Clarke, Christine
Last modified at 6/30/2016 2:05 PM by Clarke, Christine

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