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COMPUTERS & COMPUTING: How do I access facethome?

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How do I access facethome?


​How do I access facethome?


You need an account under fphysics to do this. See the other FAQ entry.

Once you have an account under fphysics...

Log into with your usual unix account. (Mcclogin is inside the SLAC firewall. If you are outside of SLAC, you either need to ssh to a gateway machine such as or you need to have VPN running. And then you can ssh to mcclogin! See some other FAQ entries for how to connect to linux remotely if you need further guidence.)

user@mcclogin $ ssh fphysics@facet-srv01

Choose 0 for no profile if your name does not appear on the list. Otherwise, choose the number by your name.
[fphysics@facet-srv01 ~ ]$ facethome &      


Version: 4.0
Created at 5/29/2012 11:31 AM by Clarke, Christine
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