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COMPUTERS & COMPUTING: How do I print from my laptop?

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How do I print from my laptop?


How do I print from my laptop?​


Building 52 tutorial from E-203's Faissal!

Go to the webpage
If you search "b052", it will give you all the main printers in the building (don't type B52 because this will give some more specfic printers in the building, so you have really to type "B052" instead of "B52"...)
this is the list:

The “f1”, “f2”,etc are for “floor 1”,etc.what we need is the first column: it is a unix queue name that we will input as port identificator (we don't care of the name on the printer, however i was told we can install a printer based on windows name only, but that's not the puposeof thus tutorial).
now, how to use this unix queue name?
- go to printers
- add a "local printer" (not a network one)
- go to create new port
- select TCP/IP port
- in the printer name, you type ""
- in port name, you type the Unix queue name that we saw in the first column above, for example “rsb-b052f2-mfd-02”
- click next
- after a few seconds, it wilt el you “additional info required”, and you select “customs”
- this opens a boxof TCP/IP, and you select the options according to the following screen:

- select the driver canon, of type “Canon iR-ADV C5250/5255 PS3”
- you finally are asked to chose a windows name, for example the name which is physically labelled on the printer…
I have taken some of the information from the following slac website (this infor is not updated, which is why the procedure outlined here is different from that old website)
Other notes...


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