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Do I need a computer account?

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​Yes. We really think you do. Unix and Windows. Getting an exchange account (i.e. slac email address) is optional and if you do, please remember to check it or set up an auto-forward to an account you do check.

​When should I get a computer account?

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​We would like to urge people to get computer accounts BEFORE arriving at SLAC. They are necessary for accessing data and the FACET e-log. It can take some time so please don't leave it until you actually need to use it!

​How do I get a SLAC Computer Account?

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​Please follow the Computing Account step as described here:

Email your form to Christine for the Authorization signature. (If you are listed under a different supervisor in the SLAC Directory, they can sign also).

Once you have a computer account, you can also access your training assessment to keep track of the training you have allocated and their due dates.

Please note that once you have your computer account, you have to complete a Cyber Security Basics Training course within 30 days:  Course CS100 - Cyber Security Training for Lab Users or Course CS200 - Cyber Security Training for Employees (if you are a SLAC employee) . Failure to do so will result in account deletion.

This cyber security course must be taken every year to keep the account active. Failure to keep this training up-to-date will lead to computer account deletion (all data in the account will be lost). 


​How do I get a VPN account?

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Windows accounts should be automatically enabled for VPN.

If you don't have a Windows account, please follow the instructions here: 

If you already have a Windows account but it isn't enabled for VPN, go here.

​How do I get an account under fphysics?

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If you would like to get access to FACET control system, for example to pull up the facethome control panel, you need to do the following...

1) Get a SLAC unix account.
$ ssh-keygen -t rsa
(Then hit return three times)
3) Send email to: confirming you've generated your SSH key and copy Christine Clarke.
Give your SLAC unix account name in this email.

Christine will confirm to the controls-system-admin that you need access to FACET servers to do your work. (She may need to get in touch with you to verify that this is indeed the case as not all users need access to FACET servers.) 


Once you've done this, the control-system-admin will grab your RSA key from your unix account and grant you access permission to ssh into the FACET server.


​How do I access facethome?

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You need an account under fphysics to do this. See the other FAQ entry.

Once you have an account under fphysics...

Log into with your usual unix account. (Mcclogin is inside the SLAC firewall. If you are outside of SLAC, you either need to ssh to a gateway machine such as or you need to have VPN running. And then you can ssh to mcclogin! See some other FAQ entries for how to connect to linux remotely if you need further guidence.)

user@mcclogin $ ssh fphysics@facet-srv01

Choose 0 for no profile if your name does not appear on the list. Otherwise, choose the number by your name.
[fphysics@facet-srv01 ~ ]$ facethome &      

How do I print from my laptop?​

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Building 52 tutorial from E-203's Faissal!

Go to the webpage
If you search "b052", it will give you all the main printers in the building (don't type B52 because this will give some more specfic printers in the building, so you have really to type "B052" instead of "B52"...)
this is the list:

The “f1”, “f2”,etc are for “floor 1”,etc.what we need is the first column: it is a unix queue name that we will input as port identificator (we don't care of the name on the printer, however i was told we can install a printer based on windows name only, but that's not the puposeof thus tutorial).
now, how to use this unix queue name?
- go to printers
- add a "local printer" (not a network one)
- go to create new port
- select TCP/IP port
- in the printer name, you type ""
- in port name, you type the Unix queue name that we saw in the first column above, for example “rsb-b052f2-mfd-02”
- click next
- after a few seconds, it wilt el you “additional info required”, and you select “customs”
- this opens a boxof TCP/IP, and you select the options according to the following screen:

- select the driver canon, of type “Canon iR-ADV C5250/5255 PS3”
- you finally are asked to chose a windows name, for example the name which is physically labelled on the printer…
I have taken some of the information from the following slac website (this infor is not updated, which is why the procedure outlined here is different from that old website)
Other notes...

​How do I connect from off-site with limited bandwidth?

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We used to recommend NoMachine (FreeNX) service. This has been discontinued. Now, please use Fastx.
Information about FastX can be found at the following URL:
SLAC FastX documentation is here: 
Please send in a request to if you encounter an issue.

What do I do if I forget my computing account details or get locked out of my account?

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For windows and unix account details (VPN is the same as windows), please email or go to B050 computing help-desk.​


If your account is disabled because you missed the deadline for the Cyber Security training (see the separate FAQ item on this training), complete the training before contacting the ithelpdesk.
They will not restore your computing account until the training has been completed.
After you have completed the Cyber Security training. your SLAC Windows account will be automatically re-activated within 24 hours. 
Alternately, you may send a copy of your training certificate to during IT Help Desk working hours to have your account manually re-enabled.
The it help desk will also help with forgotten passwords.
IT Help Desk Contact Information
+1 650.926.4357
Monday through Friday, 7 am to 5 pm

​What is Cyber Security training and how often is the refresher?

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If you are not a lab employee, complete the following training within 30 days of being given your computing account:
This course must be taken every year to keep the account active.
SLAC employees should take Course CS200.
SLAC Cyber Security Training is required to maintain a SLAC computer account.   If you do not complete the training within 31 days of its due date, access to your SLAC computer account will be blocked. You will not be able to log in again until after you complete the required training.
How to Complete SLAC Cyber Security Awareness Training:
If you are using a computer issued by SLAC Computing or are using VPN, you can click the blue Launch Web Course button on this page:
You can use your Windows computer account. If you cannot use your Windows account, you can use your SLAC ID# and the password for the training is slac2005
Need assistance with finding your ID# or getting the password or running java? Go to the help page!
When the course is completed, credit for completing the course will be downloaded into the SLAC training database. There is a test at the end of this course, and typically a passing grade of 80% or better is required to receive credit.
NOTE: We are seeing unpredictable behavior with various browsers on different platforms. We recommend you use Internet Explorer on a Windows computer and to save a copy of your certificate of successful completion at the end of all online trainings modules

​What are the contact details for the IT help desk?

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+1 650.926.4357
Monday through Friday, 7 am to 5 pm

​What linux machines can I ssh to off-site?

How can I connect remotely?​

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​The IT department have put together this "Remote Worker's Toolkit" which looks like it addresses every issue - DUO, VPN and SSH. Note that Citrix might not automatically be enabled for your computing account.

Also, FastX is a modern solution for displaying remote Linux applications (X Clients) on your desktop or laptop.  FastX gives you the option of using any standard web browser to connect to your remote Linux sessions. There is also a desktop application.

Information about FastX can be found at the following URL:


​What firewall controls are there between SLAC and the outside world?

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The network firewall controls certain  types of connections between SLAC buildings and the Internet. 
Details are here:


For the majority of  people, these controls are totally fine! You can ssh and ping from the outside to machines in SLAC buildings and essentially all the usual outgoing traffic is permitted.

However, some developers who write programs which access resources on the Internet via non-standard protocols, or those who access SLAC resources using non-standard applications from external locations, may need to get additional applications or ports onto the approved list.
If you are concerned, please discuss this with your facility point of contact and allow for some addtional time in setting up computers on the building networks.

​How do I keep my computing accounts active?

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​A SLAC windows computing account will automatically deactivate if it is not used. A user needs to login at least once every two months. We recommend that you login once a month so there is little risk of the account getting deactivated.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

"Log in" means to a SLAC managed machine. If you are offsite, this will be a remote desktop. There is a remote workers toolkit here and Linux server information here. Also, you could just login to your Office365 webmail​ if you have a windows email account. You can login to the web browser. (Note though that if you have a unix mailbox or just have a forwarding SLAC email in place, then you will not have access to Office365). 

It will also automatically deactivate if the cyber security training is out of date. The cybersecurity training needs to be taken every year. If you don't have a SLAC email address you may not get notification of this. You should be able to check the training status in the user portal though.

Finally, you also need to change your passwords every 6 months. 

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