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​ESTB specific guidelines for beamtime

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​How do I coordinate installation of my equipment?

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All experiment installations need to be reviewed. Upon successful approval of your installation, please contact Carsten Hast and Keith Jobe to coordinate the work.

​What meetings do I attend?

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1) Please attend a meeting at ​4:15pm the Wednesday before you beam time begins (and any Wednesday during your beam time if your beam time extends beyond 1 week).

This is held in MCC conference room. MCC (Main Control Center) is in building 5. The conference room is by the accelerator control room.

Please share a 5-10 minute presentation with our accelerator operations staff on how you will use the beam and the kind of beam you need.

The full team is typically welcome (depending on its size). 


2) There are meetings held in MCC daily at 8am. Please attend these meetings during your beam time.

The conference room is typically very packed so we ask for only one or two representatives to attend.

The representative should give a brief report on how they used the beam in the previous 24 hours. On Mondays, they should summarise for the full weekend.

The report can be given orally. We have the facilities to show slides. A desktop computer is there and laptops can be connected.

The report should be brief- 1-2 minutes would usually suffice though if there are important results to share, it would be appropriate to take~ 5 minutes. We have found some users in other facilities give over-long reports and we are proud to say that our users tend to be succinct and informative.

Key points for the 8am reports:

* be succinct- the meeting should be 15 minutes in total and there are sometimes many user groups.

* be enthusaistic- this is a good time to get people interested in what you do.

* be thankful for good beam delivery and support.


Who do I contact if there is a problem during beam time?

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MCC (Main Control) is available 24/7 on x2151. Use any SLAC phone to call.

For problems they cannot deal with, there will be a member of facility staff that can help. Please use a SLAC phone to call them (dial 9 for an outside line). The list of names and numbers is available in the ESA Counting House and MCC also has the contact information.


​Do I need all the training if I am not going into the End Station?

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​We have a typical set of training requirements that suit the vast majority of users. However, some users are not as "hands on" and don't require all the classes. Radiation Worker I (course 116 and the associated practical class 116PRA) is one class commonly waivered for users who do not need to handle radioactive material. We assume that any material present when beam has been running is radioactive unless it has been surveyed and is known otherwise. Therefore, any work in the End Station is assumed to be on radioactive material.


However, if you do not enter the End Station or if you enter just to look, you will not need course 116 or 116PRA. You will still need "GERT" (course 115) and a dosimeter. This gives you access to RCA areas.


In order to adjust you training requirements, you need to email and your PI who needs to be aware that your work activities are restricted.

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