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EXPERIMENT INSTALLATION: How do I write the procedure for experiment installation?

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How do I write the procedure for experiment installation?


​How do I write the procedure for experiment installation?


Contact the FACET User Manager Christine Clarke and tell her what you would like to do at least a week in advance (but preferably even earlier) for efficient planning of the activity. The sooner the better in order that we can guarantee arrange appropriate support.

Christine needs to have a written procedure from you.
The procedure should include the following details:
  • Purpose/goal for the work
  • Number of people involved (give names if known)
  • Steps for the work (with time duration estimates per step and in total)
  • Hazards involved and safety measures that must be taken
The level of detail for the work should increase with its complexity and whether the job is "new" rather than routinely performed. Routine and simple jobs may only be briefly described.
Examples of good proceedures can be found here and here. These are written by two very different user groups in very different styles but both show good planning.
The main purpose of this procedure is for you, the user. It should be written in the format you find easiest to work to. Writing it should be a good exercise for you that ensures safe and successful tunnel work.
A generic safety analysis for experiments in FACET can be found here. This can be useful to consult when you plan your work though please do not copy and paste hazards/mitigations - only write the key points that actually pertain to your work and are useful in the execution of it. Complex experiments such as E200 have their own safety analyses (including beryllium windows, laser etc) and all workers should understand the hazards of their own hardware.


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