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​Where can I find the MAD deck? (Optics lattice files)

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Go to this page for the MAD deck:


​What are the final focus optics set to?

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We don’t have a concept of fixed FFS optics. This is set by the operators using the sector 20 optics program (launched from facethome).

Users are welcome to play with this tool. It has tables of z-coordinates for current lattice in a table format for example.

To access the tool, launch facethome (you need to have an account in the fphysics group - see computing FAQ). Go to Matlab GUIs. Choose "Sec 20 IP Config" (in the optics section).

It may take a few moments to load.


Do not hit the Trim button. This will change magnet settings. Only Operators are authorised to hit this button.

If you don't hit "trim", you won't affect the beam operation so there is no concern about "poking around" this tool.

Just please, don't hit trim.

​Where can I find a map of the FACET beam line?

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​How can I find the z locations of beam line items?

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There is an excel spreadsheet of items here.

Alternately, look up the MAD deck or use the Sec 20 IP Config tool to find the z locations. See question "where can I find the MAD deck?".


​Can I download a model file for the IP Area?

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Download model from this link.

​Download and install the viewer for the PC from


Note that there may be inaccuracies in the model. You should contact facility staff to doublecheck when dimensions are crucial. Many items are not shown such as mirrors and cameras. Set ups change depending on the experiments running. Planned installations for the future are not shown, only the current installation.

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