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FACET E-LOG: How do I write the perfect "brief summary"?

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How do I write the perfect "brief summary"?


​How do I write the perfect "brief summary"?


The "brief summary" in the report at the end of your shift is sent to the Department of Energy.


It should not contain terms that only the experimenters or people at the facility know. General accelerator terms are okay.


It should be succinct. Two or three sentences. It should give a sense of the progress towards meeting your goals.


Examples (courtesy of E200, E210 and E201 respectively):


We have identified the best strategy to perform a tomographic reconstruction of the longitudinal phase space in a time-efficient manner, allowing to considerably reduce the sensitivity of the measure to the drift of the transverse deflecting cavity and of the machine.


Goals for the shift were achieved. Machine response matrix was identified and a reduction of eroneous dispersion by a factor 4 was obtained for the first half of the linac.


Measured ~540MeV/m gradients in a 10cm long, 450um inner diameter dielectric tube with a 25um copper coating. The 54MeV energy change is a world record for dielectric wakefield accelerators. The spectrum of the wakefields excited in the structure agreed with the design predictions.


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