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What type of motor should I use?​

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A stepper motor.
DC motors always have some sort of encoder or tachometer that feeds back  position information to a controller that commands the DC motors position. Encoders all contain semiconductors of one sort or another and any semiconductors that have been place close to the beam have always failed within  a couple of weeks.  A tachometer that  uses magnetic elements to produce pulses could work- a Hall sensor would be trouble.
Stepper motors on the other hand are open loop and rely on precision manufacturing to obtain their accuracy per step and have no feedback for position. Hybrid stepper motors also contain magnets but at this point magnetic failure due to radiation has not been a problem.  In a high radiation environment, if your experiment can work with the stepper motor error specifications it is best to go with the stepper.

What cameras are at FACET​?

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​Currently FACET fully supports: 

 Very likely all Mantas and Prosilicas listed in the website are supported by areaDetector. Besides the Manta 095B we use commonly at FACET, we are using the Manta G146 and the Prosilica GX1050 in LCLS.
There are cameras from other vendors also supported by areaDetector. They are listed here:

SLAC SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, CA
Operated by Stanford University for the U.S. Dept. of Energy