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LASER: What is the laser in question?

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What is the laser in question?


​What is the laser in question?


The laser system is coarsely divided up into two parts: the Sector 20 Research Laser, which comprises the kHz front end of the laser system, the FACET Ionization Laser, which includes the 10Hz preamplifier and main amplifier. The Sector 20 Research Laser includes an RF locked oscillator, a Ti:Sa Regen, a YLF pump laser, and a pulse cleaner/slicer. The FACET Ionization Laser consists of two 10Hz YAG pump lasers, one with a 15mm Ti:Sa crystal (preamplifier) and one with a 20mm Ti:Sa crystal (main amplifier).

Components of the complete FACET Ionization Laser System:

Coherent Legend enclosure includes the following...
68MHz oscillator w/ RF locking loop Coherent VITARA w/ SLAP optics; w/o SYNCHROLOCK
Ti:Sa Regen 1.5mJ uncompressed Coherent HE+ USP 1kHz
kHz Q-switched YLF pump laser Coherent Evolution-30
Pulse cleaner/slicer....
Coherent High Contrast Pulse Slicer
Large aperture Pockels Cell in slicer
Faraday cages on PC of slicer
FACET Ionization Laser - Preamplifier...
Ti:Sa phi8x15mm
10Hz, 13mJ flash lamp YAG pump QUANTEL CFR200
FACET Ionization Laser - Main Amplifier...
Ti:Sa phi20x20mm
10Hz, 1.6 J flash lamp YAG pump THALES SAGA Standard


The lasers are arranged on a ’U’-shaped table located in a room of the LCLS laser injector facility, just off the Klystron Gallery at Sector 20.

If the funds become available in the future, there may be another 1.6 J amplifier added to the system to increase the pulse energy even further. The design and installation efforts for the laser system are being  coordinated by Phillipe Hering (SLAC Lasers).


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