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MEETINGS: When and what are the MCC 8:00AM Meetings?

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When and what are the MCC 8:00AM Meetings?


When and what are the MCC 8:00AM Meetings?


​A daily 15 minute meeting is held every day at 8:00AM in the MMC conference room (Building 5) while the accelerator are running. This meeting shows the machine performance in the past 24 hours, the results of an machine development and short reports from the experiments. This meeting is open to all and the audience stretches across many groups including beam operators, management and machine physicists. The Monday morning meeting also gives a report for the entire weekend and is usually heavily attended.

All FACET experiments that have received beam time are expected to send a representative to the 8AM meeting the next day (and also to the Monday meeting if they run between 8AM Friday and 8AM Monday). More than one representative is not necessary.

The representative is expected to report on the beam time. The report should only be a couple of minutes though important results would certainly justify more time! Some experimenters bring slides on their laptop though it is also good to just refer to posts in the FACET e-log.

A good report includes a comment on what the goal was and whether it was achieved, thanks to the staff for their support and if a next shift has been scheduled, what is coming next.


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