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PRE-PAMM: What is a PAMM?

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What is a PAMM?


​What is a PAMM?


​A PAMM is a "Planned Access for Maintenance and Modifications". Typically during FACET running there was a PAMM every one to two weeks on Tuesday and Wednesday. This is subject to change for FACET-II as we find our feet.

The beam is shut off at a pre-arranged time. After a one hour radiation cooling off period, the tunnel is ready for access by Radiation Physics Field Operations (RPFO). RPFO survey the beamline. After the survey, RPFO de-briefs the access coordinator and any workers present for the start of the access.  

Only jobs that have beed pre-approved and released are allowed to be done. 

If you keep the FACET User Manager aware of your access needs in general, we can coordinate the work.


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