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PRE-PAMM: How are the jobs for a PAMM requested, approved and authorized?

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How are the jobs for a PAMM requested, approved and authorized?


How are the jobs for a PAMM requested and released?


​1). Requested work procedures are sent to the FACET User Manager (Christine Clarke). Usually this has to happen the Thursday before the PAMM.

2). Christine puts them into CATER (Comprehensive Accelerator Tool for Enhancing Reliability!).

3). Area Manager, Al Owens, reviews the CATER and releases the job (or not if he finds fault with the job).

4). Released and unreleased jobs are reviewed in a PAMM planning meeting on Monday at 1pm. Christine represents all experimenter jobs though attendance is open to all.

5) Released jobs are reviewed in a Radiation Physics meeting on Tuesday morning.

Workers are *required* to have authorisation from their supervisors prior to work. Non-employees ("users") are usually supervised by Christine who authorises the work by reviewing the procedure. If there is any doubt, Christine will contact the supervisors to check whether the worker is authorised to perform the requested job.

If the term "release" in this answer are unfamiliar to you, you shouldn't be requesting jobs in FACET! All these terms are explained in course 120 which is required for working in FACET. You can retake the course at any time as a refresher or read the ES&H chapter on Work Planning and Control.


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