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PRE-PAMM: Why are you asking for the PAMM jobs so early?

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Why are you asking for the PAMM jobs so early?


Why are you asking for the PAMM jobs so early? (I don't know what I want to do a week in advance!)


The idea is to encourage planning ahead and prevent last minute additions. 

The AOSD Maintenance Office politely ask people to have their jobs in before Friday at 11:00am.  They say it is impossible to plan a maintenance day if the jobs haven't been submitted.

Since it can take over an hour to input all of the FACET jobs into the system and there are meetings between 8am and 11am for the FACET User Manager to attend, the FACET User Manager needs to deal with them on Thursday before she goes home. So it is greatly appreciated if she receives them in good time.


A normal week would look like this:

Friday 11:00 Area Managers plan next week's access schedule

Monday 12:00 AOSD Maintenance Office locks the PAMM so no new jobs can be added

Monday 13:00 PAMM planning meeting

Although they don't lock the job list until noon, this doesn't give the Area Managers much time to sort though and approve jobs before the planning meeting. This can be difficult in areas like Linac West where there may be upwards of 50 jobs on a single PAMM day and that is a lot for one person to track.  


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