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PRE-PAMM: What time of day will I do my work?

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What time of day will I do my work?


​What time of day will I do my work?


​There are usually multiple groups doing multiple jobs in the FACET tunnel. Without staggering jobs, the working area can get congested. This does not lead to efficient or indeed safe work (particularly when there is a pandemic). Therefore, we try to coordinate the jobs to different times of the day. There are also hazards involved with some of the jobs that we don't wish to expose people to unnecessarily so these jobs are scheduled quite strictly and the number of people in the tunnel controlled.

As a result, it is hard to tell until all jobs are submitted the exact schedule for the day. It may not be known until the Monday prior to the access exactly what the script is though every attempt will be made to have a broad plan on the Friday prior to the access.

We may request that people work on an owl shift (midnight - 8am) in some circumstances.



Example PAMM schedule here.


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