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​What is a PAMM?

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​A PAMM is a "Planned Access for Maintenance and Modifications". Typically during FACET running there was a PAMM every one to two weeks on Tuesday and Wednesday. This is subject to change for FACET-II as we find our feet.

The beam is shut off at a pre-arranged time. After a one hour radiation cooling off period, the tunnel is ready for access by Radiation Physics Field Operations (RPFO). RPFO survey the beamline. After the survey, RPFO de-briefs the access coordinator and any workers present for the start of the access.  

Only jobs that have beed pre-approved and released are allowed to be done. 

If you keep the FACET User Manager aware of your access needs in general, we can coordinate the work.

How are the jobs for a PAMM requested and released?

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​1). Requested work procedures are sent to the FACET User Manager (Christine Clarke). Usually this has to happen the Thursday before the PAMM.

2). Christine puts them into CATER (Comprehensive Accelerator Tool for Enhancing Reliability!).

3). Area Manager, Al Owens, reviews the CATER and releases the job (or not if he finds fault with the job).

4). Released and unreleased jobs are reviewed in a PAMM planning meeting on Monday at 1pm. Christine represents all experimenter jobs though attendance is open to all.

5) Released jobs are reviewed in a Radiation Physics meeting on Tuesday morning.

Workers are *required* to have authorisation from their supervisors prior to work. Non-employees ("users") are usually supervised by Christine who authorises the work by reviewing the procedure. If there is any doubt, Christine will contact the supervisors to check whether the worker is authorised to perform the requested job.

If the term "release" in this answer are unfamiliar to you, you shouldn't be requesting jobs in FACET! All these terms are explained in course 120 which is required for working in FACET. You can retake the course at any time as a refresher or read the ES&H chapter on Work Planning and Control.

​How can I add an item to the list of jobs for a PAMM?

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As soon as you know you want to work in the tunnel, contact the FACET User Manager Christine Clarke and explain what you would like to do before COB on the Thursday before the upcoming access. Christine needs to know approximate duration and some details of the work especially location and number of people. This puts the work on the schedule. Christinewill let you know the date the work is scheduled.


On the Thursday before the access/scheduled work, send Christine the written procedure for the work.

The procedure should include the following details:

  • Purpose/goal for the work
  • Number of people involved (give names if known)
  • Steps for the work (with time duration estimates per step and in total)
  • Hazards involved and safety measures that must be taken

The level of detail for the work should increase with its complexity and whether the job is "new" rather than routinely performed. Routine and simple jobs may only be briefly described.

Examples of good proceedures can be found here and here. These are written by two very different user groups in very different styles but both show good planning.

The main purpose of this procedure is for you, the user. It should be written in the format you find easiest to work to. Writing it should be a good exercise for you that ensures safe and successful tunnel work.
A generic safety analysis for experiments in FACET can be found here. This can be useful to consult when you plan your work though please do not copy and paste hazards/mitigations - only write the key points that actually pertain to your work and are useful in the execution of it. Complex experiments such as E300 have their own safety analyses (including beryllium windows, laser etc) and all workers should understand the hazards of their own hardware.

User groups who routinely write procedures are more successful on their PAMM days. Experienced user groups can attest to this!

Can I add to the list of approved PAMM jobs after the Thursday deadline?

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The PAMM job final deadline is 10:00AM on the Monday before the Tuesday or Wednesday PAMM. Only emergencies will be accepted after this point.

(All PAMM jobs need to be reviewed prior to release so if you miss this deadline without a good excuse, we are unlikely to be able to review it in time for it to proceed).

Why are you asking for the PAMM jobs so early? (I don't know what I want to do a week in advance!)

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The idea is to encourage planning ahead and prevent last minute additions. 

The AOSD Maintenance Office politely ask people to have their jobs in before Friday at 11:00am.  They say it is impossible to plan a maintenance day if the jobs haven't been submitted.

Since it can take over an hour to input all of the FACET jobs into the system and there are meetings between 8am and 11am for the FACET User Manager to attend, the FACET User Manager needs to deal with them on Thursday before she goes home. So it is greatly appreciated if she receives them in good time.


A normal week would look like this:

Friday 11:00 Area Managers plan next week's access schedule

Monday 12:00 AOSD Maintenance Office locks the PAMM so no new jobs can be added

Monday 13:00 PAMM planning meeting

Although they don't lock the job list until noon, this doesn't give the Area Managers much time to sort though and approve jobs before the planning meeting. This can be difficult in areas like Linac West where there may be upwards of 50 jobs on a single PAMM day and that is a lot for one person to track.  

​What is the pre-job meeting and do I have to attend?

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Some jobs require a pre-job briefing from the Radiological Protection Field Office (RPFO). If this applies to you, the coordinator for the access will tell you when it is and where. If this applies to your job, every member of the job has to attend. Anyone that does not attend, cannot perfom the work. Note that this is always true for people that do work under a Radiological Work Permit (job-type). If this is not familiar to you, refer back to your RWT1 training!

​What training do I need to work in the FACET tunnel?

​What time of day will I do my work?

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​There are usually multiple groups doing multiple jobs in the FACET tunnel. Without staggering jobs, the working area can get congested. This does not lead to efficient or indeed safe work (particularly when there is a pandemic). Therefore, we try to coordinate the jobs to different times of the day. There are also hazards involved with some of the jobs that we don't wish to expose people to unnecessarily so these jobs are scheduled quite strictly and the number of people in the tunnel controlled.

As a result, it is hard to tell until all jobs are submitted the exact schedule for the day. It may not be known until the Monday prior to the access exactly what the script is though every attempt will be made to have a broad plan on the Friday prior to the access.

We may request that people work on an owl shift (midnight - 8am) in some circumstances.



Example PAMM schedule here.

​How do I use the google doc spreadsheet?

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​The google doc spreadsheet can be found here. 

You can see the dates of upcoming planned accesses (subject to change).

If your job is listed, please make sure that all the details are correct. Please feel free to update as long as you don't change any columns with red font. Red font is for use of Christine only! We need coarse estimates for planning our run and accurate inputs by the Thursday before the scheduled PAMM (see other FAQs for more information on why we need this by Thursday).

Any updates after the Thursday before the scheduled PAMM need to be communicated to Christine by email.

If your job is not listed, please email Christine to get it on the list with all the details needed to populate the spreadsheet.

Browser/system requirements for the spreadsheet are here:

If you can't provide a link to the procedure, please send it by email instead.

​I just want to go down for a look- what do I need to do?​

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​If you are just looking and not performing any work, you just need training. If you are current in AD103 (FACET Tunnel Hazards/ on-site orientiation) and course 116 (Radiation Worker) then you don't need specific work release. However, it is best to tell Christine of your intent so email/call/add to the google spreadsheet or otherwise communicate this to Christine. Christine will then ensure that you are informed of the work schedule, possible hazards and PPE requirements. This will save time so you don't go to FACET and then realise that the work that is going on precludes your visit.

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