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​What is SAREC?

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​SAREC is the SLAC Accelerator Research Experimental Program Committee and it reviews all experimental proposal for FACET (and other research accelerators at SLAC). The following URL the charge of the SAREC committee and its most recent committee members.

Not to be confused by SAREK who was Spock's father in the late 60's science fiction TV series "Star Trek".



​Where can I go to get an overview of the FACET proposal process?

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New proposals will be solicited every year. Proposals are peer reviewed by the SLAC Accelerator Research Experimental Program Committee (SAREC). Successful proposals will be offered beam time within a year of the proposal submission deadline. Users register after the proposal has been accepted and complete web-based training prior to arrival.


The following URL describes the FACET proposal process:

​What do I have to do if I have a brand new FACET proposal?

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​How can I request additional time for an existing experiment?

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Existing experiments have their progress reviewed on an annual basis by the SAREC committee at the request of the FACET Division Director.

This typically requires a short presentation to the SAREC committee at an annual FACET & Test Facilities User Meeting. The presentation should describe the progress and future plans for the experiment (future plans should be at least a third of the presentation to justify continuation).

​Existing experiments don't need to resubmit a proposal unless there has been sufficient change to merit it being considered a new experiment or test beam. We recommend emailing points of contact within the facilities for case-by-case guidence on what is "sufficient".

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