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SCHEDULING: Will I get beam time during the day or during the night?

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Will I get beam time during the day or during the night?


​Will I get beam time during the day or during the night?



FACET User shifts of beam typically begin between 2pm and 7pm and run for up to 12 hours. Multiple experiments may be scheduled for the same shift, running in series.

Detailed Daily Schedule:

Around 8/9am each morning, beam physicists and accelerator operators set up the beam or engage in machine development studies to support delivery to users.

Beam is usually ready for delivery in the afternoon. 4pm is a typical start time. Some experiments that require the best stability won't begin until 7pm.

Preferably, all experiments scheduled for this block/shift are done by 4am and the accelerator operators perform standard maintenance and activities that improve the beam delivery for the next day.

At the latest, experiments should end by 7am which is when stability starts to be poor. Ending later also impacts the ability of the accelerator operators to set up for the next day.

The exact number of hours that an experiment gets is pre-arranged. Experiments are requested to keep to their time-slots so as to not affect other FACET users. Any changes, for example beam time extensions, need to be approved by FACET management.



See the image below.




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