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Shipping: How do I ship radioactive material from SLAC?

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How do I ship radioactive material from SLAC?


​How do I ship radioactive material from SLAC?


1) Survey items outside of the accelerator housing with NaI and GM pancake detectors to determine if radioactive or not.

      (Top of stairs, User trailer)
2) If not radioactive, the Users can prepare e shippers as non - radioactive material or hand carry to their destination.
3) If Radioactive, RP performs a gamma spectroscopy analysis to:
      Determine isotopes and radioactivity.
4) Based on #3 results, RP determines if it is a "Regulated" or Unregulated shipment.
5) Either way RPFO will prepare shipping documents to the receiver.
6) Users supply the receiver's Radiation Safety Office contact phone numbers, address.
7) RP will verify the receiver's radioactive material licenses to have radioactive materials
8) RPFO may assist Users in packaging items.
9) RPFO will take items to Shipping and receiving department for shipment.
10) FACET supplies charge number for shipping costs.
The whole process may take 5 days or so.


Version: 3.0
Created at 9/5/2012 4:32 PM by Clarke, Christine
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Operated by Stanford University for the U.S. Dept. of Energy