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TUNNEL ACCESS: How do I make an access during a shift?

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How do I make an access during a shift?


​How do I make an access during a shift?


This constitutes a change in program.

If your program changes, you must contact Mark Hogan immediately (and/or Christine Clarke).

Once approved, follow the steps below.


​1. Plan it. What do you want to do? Make sure you know step by step and have all of the parts to hand. Put the plan in the elog.

2. Estimate time. How long do you require?

->  If it is <30 minutes, it can be done under guarded acces. Otherwise, it needs to be done under permitted access.

3. Tell the EOIC that you need an access. Tell them what time you want the access, how long it will last and what type of access you want. The EOIC may advise you that other times will be easier to support and you may enter negotiations!

4. Ask the EOIC to call RPFO so they can survey. (RPFO need at minimum 2 hours warning).

5. Remeber to turn the beam off an hour before you need to go in!

6. Go in. Access procedure is here.

7. Whilst in access, it is very important to let MCC know what is going on. Otherwise your guard will leave when time is up and we will go into permitted access and a search will be necessary. This will cause many hours of delay. Best thing to do is to have someone in the trailer to field calls between the tunnel and MCC. No one except this dedicated person should call the tunnel for "updates" because this can delay work in the tunnel.


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