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USING FACET FAQs: Can I make a new sub-page?

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Can I make a new sub-page?


​Can I make a new sub-page?


​If you have just made a list that does not reasonably fit in an existing sub-page or you want to make an new sub-page with a different set of lists, the quickest way is to ask Vinod Bharadwaj or Christine Clarke to create the sub-page for you.


If you feel tough enough to make a sub-page you will have to do the following:

1).  Under the "Site Actions" pull down menu, choose "New page", enter a name and click "Create".

2).  On the "Insert Tab" , choose "Picture" and select "MCCblue" in /sites/ard_public/PublishingImages and click "OK"

3).  Make sure that the "Bold", "Italics" & "Underline" are NOT selected (in the "Format Text" tab)

4).  In the "Insert" tab, choose to make a 2 columns by 1 row table. Set the width of the table to 810 px, set the width of column 1 to 500 px
5).  Select the first column and click on the "Web part" under the "Insert" tab. Click on "Upload a Web part" and click on "Browse". navigarte to V:\ARD\TF\Facet\FAQ and select "Search Box.dwp". Click on "Open"Click on "Upload". Sharepoint will ask if you want to save your changes. Click on "OK".
6).  Click on "Web Part" in the "Insert" menu and select "SEARCH BOX" in the "Imported Web Parts" folder.  Click "Add"
7).  Select the other column of the 2 x 1 table. Insert The "Existing List"  "USING FACET FAQs" and "Add". Minimize this list web part.

8).  Type in page title and slect "Heading 1" under the "Markup Styles" pull down menu on the "Format Text" tab

9).  In the "Insert" tab, choose to make a 1 column by 2 rows table. Make the table 810 px wide.

10). Insert a list into the first row of this table.

11).  Click on "Save & Close" under the "Page" tab of the editing bar.

12).  Once you have made the page you will have to add it to the left navigation bar in the normal manner.


Now you have created a new sub-page and you can add lists and FAQs "as normal"





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Created at 5/29/2012 2:10 PM by Bharadwaj, Vinod Kumar
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