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​What are the FACET FAQ pages for?

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​The intended audience is FACET users and SLAC personnel interested in FACET experiments. The FACET FAQ pages:

  • Provide FAQs and other information useful to experimenters
  • Links to other useful FACET sites


​How do I look up information in the FACET FAQ?

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​The recommended way to use the FAQ is to click on the broad topic on the left hand navigation. This will take you to a sub-page with the relevant lists of questions. In each list, the questions address are summarized. Clicking on the list title will take you to that specific FAQ with the list of questions. Clicking of the "Answer" will give an answer to that question.

There is also a "SEARCH BOX" which can be used to make generalized search in the FACET FAQ pages.

​How is the FACET FAQ structured?

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​The general structure of the site is (all pages, sub-pages are on the left navigation bar):

Top level (pages) - "FAQs Home" ; "About the FACET FAQ Pages"
Second level (sub-pages) - These are slightly indented on the left navigation bar. Examples are "General Information", "E-205"
Third level - lists of FAQs for the particular sub-page
Fourth level - FAQs within a single list.


​Can I make changes in the FACET FAQ?

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​The FACET FAQ is written in Sharepoint which, to put it mildly, can be at times frustrating. If you feel that you can deal with these frustrations feel free to change anything.

HOWEVER for most people:

A).  Adding items to lists is easy.

First find what list the particular FAQ beleongs to. Then click on "Add an Item" and fill out the form. In the mode that is being used the question title and question should be indentical. Be sure to save the item when you have finished. Thinsg to remember are that the "Question" and "Answer" fields are fully editable (i.e. you can use links, colors, fonts and sizes), whereas the "Title" field is not.

If you cannot find an appropriate list to put your FAQ, contact Christine Clarke or Vinod Bharadwaj to create such a list.

If you feel that your newly created list should also be in new a new sub-page, contact Christine Clarke or Vinod Bharadwaj to create the sub-page.

B).  If you feel brave enough to want to add sub-pages or lists, please first contact Christine Clarke or Vinod Bharadwaj to learn how and what formatting rules are needed to make the FAQ look uniform.

​How do I make a new list?

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​If you feel confident about your sharepoint ability and are of a calm disposition, you too can make a needed GAQ list usinf the following steps:

1).  Click on "All Lists & Questions" on the left navigation bar.

2).  Check that you FAQ is not appropriate for any of the existing lists.

3).  Click on "Lists" on the left navigation bar.

4).  Click on "Create" near the top left of the page.

5).  Highlight "faq_template" from the icon choices.

6).  Type in a name for your new list. Please use all capital letter and avoid spaces if possible. Obviously you should not use the name of an existing list!

7).  Click on create. This will create your list.

You can access your list by using "Lists" on the left navigation page, but this is less useful than adding the list to one of the sub-pages.

​How do I add a list to a existing sub-page?

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Contact Vinod Bharadwaj or Christine Clarke, if you need help or do not understand these instructions.

Any list can be added to any sub-page. The same list can exist on multiple sub-pages. The list is added as "web-part". To add a list to a page there are a couple of "sharepoint wrinkles" to bear in mind:

1).  To be able to easily add additional lists to an existing page, one needs to use a N x 1 table. Then one can add an additional row to the table anywhere to add the additional list.

2).  The table also allows one to control the width of the list display. In the FACET FAQ pages, the table width has been chosen to be 810 pixels.


To add a list to an existing sub-page the following steps are needed:

1).  Click on the sub-page on the left navigation that you would like to list to go into and click "[Edit this page]"

2).  Choose where you would like the list to go. At present the lists are in alphabetical order.

3).  Click at the bottom of the list after which you would like your list to go.

4).  On the top editing bar, click on "Layout" under "Table Tools".

5).  Click on the "Insert Below" row icon; This will add a row to the table where you list will go.

6).  Click on the "Format Text" tab on the editing bar and make sure that the "bold", "italic" & "underline" icons are not chosen.

7).  Click on the "Insert" tab on the editing bar and click on "Existing List". Choose the list you want to insert. You may have click on the small arrow under the list to get to the list you want. Click on "Add" to add the list to the sub-page.

8).  You should now see the list on the sub-page. Click on "Save & Close" to save the page.





​Can I make a new sub-page?

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​If you have just made a list that does not reasonably fit in an existing sub-page or you want to make an new sub-page with a different set of lists, the quickest way is to ask Vinod Bharadwaj or Christine Clarke to create the sub-page for you.


If you feel tough enough to make a sub-page you will have to do the following:

1).  Under the "Site Actions" pull down menu, choose "New page", enter a name and click "Create".

2).  On the "Insert Tab" , choose "Picture" and select "MCCblue" in /sites/ard_public/PublishingImages and click "OK"

3).  Make sure that the "Bold", "Italics" & "Underline" are NOT selected (in the "Format Text" tab)

4).  In the "Insert" tab, choose to make a 2 columns by 1 row table. Set the width of the table to 810 px, set the width of column 1 to 500 px
5).  Select the first column and click on the "Web part" under the "Insert" tab. Click on "Upload a Web part" and click on "Browse". navigarte to V:\ARD\TF\Facet\FAQ and select "Search Box.dwp". Click on "Open"Click on "Upload". Sharepoint will ask if you want to save your changes. Click on "OK".
6).  Click on "Web Part" in the "Insert" menu and select "SEARCH BOX" in the "Imported Web Parts" folder.  Click "Add"
7).  Select the other column of the 2 x 1 table. Insert The "Existing List"  "USING FACET FAQs" and "Add". Minimize this list web part.

8).  Type in page title and slect "Heading 1" under the "Markup Styles" pull down menu on the "Format Text" tab

9).  In the "Insert" tab, choose to make a 1 column by 2 rows table. Make the table 810 px wide.

10). Insert a list into the first row of this table.

11).  Click on "Save & Close" under the "Page" tab of the editing bar.

12).  Once you have made the page you will have to add it to the left navigation bar in the normal manner.


Now you have created a new sub-page and you can add lists and FAQs "as normal"




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