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​What are the major organizational units within SLAC responsible for FACET?

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At the present time, the responsibility for FACET is spread out between two directorates, Particle Physics and Astrophysics (PPA) and the Accelerator Directorate (AD). PPA is the conduit for funds for HEP programs at SLAC. Within AD there are four divisions that are responsible for various aspects of FACET.

The PPA directorate home page is found here.

The Accelerator Directorate Org Chart is found here.

The four directorates within AD involved in FACET are:

1).  Accelerator Operations and Safety (org chart): This division provides the operation staff to run the linac at SLAC.

2).  Accelerator Research Division (org chart) : This divsion provide physics support for the accelerator and leads efforts in PWFA.

3).  LCLS Accelerator Division Systems: This division is reponsible for the tuning and commission of the linac for FACET and LCLS experiments.

4).  FACET Division is a newly formed division and will centralize a number of functions from the other divisions.


​Who are the key FACET people in ARD?

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 FACET User Support


ARD Test Facilities Department Head



ARD Advanced Accelerator Research Department Head



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