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FACET-DATA: How do I access the FACET Servers?

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How do I access the FACET Servers?


How do I access the FACET Servers?


If you would like to get access to FACET servers, for example to pull
up the facethome control panel, you need to do the following...

Part 1: (this is described in more detail here)

1). Get a SLAC unix account.

2). email Christine Clarke ( to request permission to access the FACET servers as a physics user, and tell her your SLAC unix account name.

3). Generate a public rsa key on your SLAC unix account.

Part 2:

Once you've done this, Ken will grab your RSA key from your unix account and grant you access permission to ssh into the FACET server.

To access the FACET server and pull up the facethome control panel, you
need to do the following...

1) ssh to a SLAC unix machine (e.g. iris, flora). Use the -Y option to allow X11 forwarding.

2) ssh to the mcclogin machine. If you have a SLAC unix account, you can access this machine with the same user name and password.

3) ssh to facet-srv01 with the user name fphysics. This does not require a password. After connecting, you will be asked to type in a number corresponding to your unix username. This will load your own personal user settings and place you in your home directory. It's a little weird, but just roll with it.  

Note: You can also log into facet-srv20 which is a server local to sector 20 (rather than MCC).

4) Type 'facethome' to bring up the FACET control panel. DO NOT MESS WITH THINGS THAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND! One wrong click of a button could cause a world of grief to your fellow experimentalists.


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Created at 5/9/2012 10:55 AM by Bharadwaj, Vinod Kumar
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