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FACET-DATA: How do I get data to [anywhere else]?

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How do I get data to [anywhere else]?


​How do I get data to [anywhere else]?


Data is saved to /u1/facet/matlab/data if taken with a matlab GUI like profile monitor or TCAV or Correlation Plot.

This is only accessible from within the accelerator controls network- by necessity, a rather well protected network.

Obviously you want to get data to the outside world.


​There are quite a few ways of doing this... scp from facet-srv01 to personal space on mcclogin works but you'll run into the issue of limited disk space pretty fast.

The pwfa wiki has a solution. You need to be on the internal SLAC network to view the pwfa wiki (VPN in).

The files are also accessible on a web interface:

If you are saving other things like archive plots or images, you may want to create a directory for yourself in /u1/facet/physics

Copy files here and access through the web.

fphysics@facet-srv01 /u1/facet/physics


If you are writing your own DAQ and want to save it somewhere convenient, /u1 is not the place- especially if the files are large! See the other FAQ item about where to save data. If you save data to the place recommended in this FAQ, data is automatically mirrored to a location within SLAC but outside of the controls network. Then you simply scp to your home institution.

Mirrored data is available here:


You can ssh to  or or from outside of SLAC and copy the data. If you are inside of SLAC, or using VPN, we recommend going through lcls-prod02 .


scp :/nfs/slac/g/facetdata/nas/nas-li20-pm00/E200/2014/<date_dir>/<data_dir> <dir on local machine>
For faster and more robust copying, use rsync:
rsync -av :/nfs/slac/g/facetdata/nas/nas-li20-pm00/E200/2014/<date_dir>/<data_dir> <dir on local machine>


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