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FACET-DATA: Where can I save my data to?

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Where can I save my data to?


Where can I save my data to?


We have 20 TB of storage local to sector 20. The drives are networked and connected to our devices through a single switch for maximum data transfer speeds.

Log into facet-srv20. You can launch a terminal to facet-srv20 from facethome if you are on one of the sunray computers (OPIs).

The three networked drives are /nas.

You can save here. Create a directory for your experiment.

The drives get backed up daily to our mirror:


It has the same path structure as what you would see on facet-srv20 with /nas as the top directory.

This is accessible from anywhere in slac- you don't need to be on the controls network. If you are off-site, this is just one ssh connection away. 

Use the mirror to access your data. 

If you transfer your data from the nas drives, you will cause unwelcome network traffic that could impede data taking.

Also, you only have read access for the mirrored data making it safer (an errant keystroke can't do much damage!).

Of course, there is a time delay as the back up only runs once. If this is not okay for you, you can contact Christine to transfer data earlier.

You can also use matlab on facet-srv20 to analyse data locally or even on the fly. Just run fmatlab from a terminal on facet-srv20.


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