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FACET-DATA: Why can't I see facet-data?

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Why can't I see facet-data?


​Why can't I see facet-data?


​A couple of people have said that the directory goes missing.

Please report this to Christine if this happens but note that it may just be that you haven't requested that the drive be mounted...

The NFS automounter does not mount the facetdata directory until it is requested.

It is requested by doing a "cd" into the directory, or starting I/O on a file in there.
There are lots and lots of shared areas under "/nfs/slac/g/"  -- these are only mounted on request. And then unmounted automatically when they are idle. That's the whole point of the automounter.
You can use the "amdmap" command to see what is available (you can't see what is available by doing an 'ls' on  "/nfs/slac/g/".


Version: 1.0
Created at 5/24/2013 1:23 PM by Clarke, Christine
Last modified at 5/24/2013 1:23 PM by Clarke, Christine

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