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Last modified at 5/21/2012 6:47 PM by Bharadwaj, Vinod Kumar







About the FACET FAQ Pages

This site is really a number of FAQ pages made for FACET users:

  • Provides FAQs and other information useful to experimenters
  • The intended audience is FACET users and SLAC personnel interested in FACET experiments
  • Links to other useful FACET sites



 USING FACET FAQs (itemized)

Can I make a new sub-page?
How do I add a list to a existing sub-page?
How do I make a new list?
Can I make changes in the FACET FAQ?
How do I look up information in the FACET FAQ?
How is the FACET FAQ structured?
What are the FACET FAQ pages for?




 Table Of Contents for the FACET (portal) site



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