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What the definitions of some often used FACET acronyms?
Where can I find a summary of acronyms used at SLAC?




What cameras are present at FACET?
How often do cameras die from radiation?
How do I integrate my camera into the control system at FACET?
What cameras can be integrated (are supported) at FACET?



How do I keep my computing accounts active?
What is Cyber Security training and how often is the refresher?
How do I get a SLAC Computer Account?
What do I do if I forget my computing account details or get locked out of my account?
What firewall controls are there between SLAC and the outside world?
How do I access facethome?
How do I connect from off-site with limited bandwidth?
How can I connect remotely?
What linux machines can I ssh to off-site?
How do I get an account under fphysics?
How do I get a VPN account?
What are the contact details for the IT help desk?
How do I print from my laptop?
When should I get a computer account?
Do I need a computer account?


There are no items to show in this view of the "CONFERENCES" list.


Where can I find the SLAC Plasma Wakefield Acceleration group wiki?
Where can I find the E-200 proposal and review history?


Where can I find E201 documents & Procedures?
Where can I find the E-201 proposal and review history?


Where can I find the E-202 proposal and review history?


Where can I find the E-203 proposal and review history?


Where can I find the E-204 proposal and review history?


Where can I find the E-205 proposal and review history?


How do I edit EDM screens?


What is the PV for bunch length?
What devices can I acquire "beam synchronous" and what is their PV name?
How do I acquire BPMs or Toroids or Bunch Length Monitor beam synchronously?
How do I watch a PV change with time? (aka strip-tool)
What can I do with PVs?
What is a PV?
How do I see what a PV is reading?


What are the rules for in-vacuum hardware?
How do I write the procedure for experiment installation?
What are the steps necessay to install my experiment in the tunnel?


What beam diagnostics are available in FACET that I can access when running my experiment?
How much space can I get for my experiment?
How much help can I expect from SLAC after my experiment is approved?
​​What is the energy spread of the FACET beam?
How stable is the beam energy?
What beam parameters can I expect from the FACET facility?
What type of research can I do at FACET?


What is the template for a shift summary?
How do I write the perfect "brief summary"?
Why are you asking for this information in the shift summary?
What do I need to put in the elog?
What counts as beam delivery/downtime etc?
What is the elog etiquette?
How can I print to the FACET e-Log?
What is the FACET e-log and why do I need to know about it?


How do I get data to [anywhere else]?
I've saved data through a matlab GUI... where is it?
Why can't I see facet-data?
How do I access the FACET Servers?
Where can I save my data to?


Where can I find User Meeting/Science workshop talks and reports?
How do you get feedback from users?


How do I adjust the length of the laser pulse?
How do I adjust laser timing?
How do I enable/disable the laser remotely?
What training do I need to work with the laser?
Do I need additional training just to be in the FACET tunnel?
How do I know if the laser is operating in the FACET tunnel?
How do I pass through the curtains when it isn't an emergency?
How do I make an emergency exit when laser is operating?
What is the Laser Hazard Zone in the FACET tunnel?
What is the laser in question?


How do I use Correlation Plot?
Is there a general page that describes the high level applications?
How do I use the Profile Monitor GUI?
How do I do my own programming?
How do I use the emittance GUI?


When and what are the MCC 8:00AM Meetings?


How can I get FACET pictures?
Can I see some FACET tunnel pictures and download them?


I just want to go down for a look- what do I need to do?
What time of day will I do my work?
What is a PAMM?
How do I use the google doc spreadsheet?
How can I add an item to the list of jobs for a PAMM?
How are the jobs for a PAMM requested, approved and authorized?
Can I add to the list of approved PAMM jobs after the Thursday deadline?
What is the pre-job meeting and do I have to attend?
What training do I need to work in the FACET tunnel?
Why are you asking for the PAMM jobs so early?


How can I request additional time for an existing experiment?
Where can I go to get an overview of the FACET proposal process?
What is SAREC?
What do I have to do if I have a brand new FACET proposal?


​​Are there SLAC/AD requirements for publications derived from work done at FACET and Test Beam Facilities?
How do I register a publication?
Where can I find a list of publications about ESTB or ESTB experiments?
Where can I find a list of publications about FACET or FACET experiments?


I've had medical treatment with radioisotopes - does this matter for dosimetry?
How much dose is seen in FACET tunnel and how can I shield equipment from the radiation?
I'm pregnant or am trying to become pregnant- do I have to tell anyone?
What do I do with my dosimeter when I leave?
Why does my dose report read zero when I know I got more?
​How does one get an online dose report?
Where can I find radiation survey maps?


Where can I find the SLAC ES&H manual?


What is the current shift schedule?
Will I get beam time during the day or during the night?
How do I write a good beam time procedure?
What do I need to do to get my beam time approved? (What is the timeline for what is due to be submitted when?)
What if I need to do something not on the procedure?
Why can't I do something that I have done before?
What happens if I don't have an approved procedure for my shift?
Why are you asking for shift plans and procedures?
How long is a shift?
How many shifts will my experiment get?
Can we be guaranteed good beam?


Who is the SLAC Customs Broker?
How do I ship items to SLAC?
How to I ship items to SLAC that are activated or have been within an accelerator facility?
How do I ship radioactive material from SLAC?
How to I ship things out of SLAC?


What do I need to do when leaving SLAC?
I am an experimenter on an approved experiment and I am coming to SLAC. What do I do?
I am the PI and my experiment has been approved. Now what?
What steps do I go through to become a FACET user?
What can I do before coming to SLAC to do an experiment?
What is SLUO and what can it do for me?


There are no items to show in this view of the "E-211 GENERAL" list.


What is the base set of training that I have to do before being able to work on all aspects of experiment?
What do I need to do to use lasers?
Where can I find the course catalog for SLAC training classes?
Where can I find the portal to the SLAC web-based training system?
Can I transfer my radiological training from another institution?
How often do I need to "refresh" the training?
Do I need to do all the training if I am just going to sit in an office and use a computer?
Can I do more training?

 Timing and Triggers

How does the timing system work?
How do I use the Timing System?


How do I make an access during a shift?
How do I access FACET during downtime?
What do I do if something isn't as it should be in FACET tunnel?
What do I do if I enter under guarded access and then discover the scope of the job is larger than I thought?
What are the different FACET tunnel access modes?


Who has to sign the User Agreement?
What do I do if I have a question that isn't answered here?
Is the Publications section putting a ban or limit on my publications?
Under the Non-proprietary agreement, am I losing my patent and data rights?
Can I change parts of the User Agreement?
How does the User Agreement get applied to the Users?
Does the Costs, Billing and Payments section mean I need an account at SLAC?
What are User Agreements?


What are the URLs for some of the more useful sites for FACET users?


Can I make a new sub-page?
How do I add a list to a existing sub-page?
How do I make a new list?
Can I make changes in the FACET FAQ?
How do I look up information in the FACET FAQ?
How is the FACET FAQ structured?
What are the FACET FAQ pages for?


What are the major organizational units within SLAC responsible for FACET?
Who are the key FACET people in ARD?

SLAC SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, CA
Operated by Stanford University for the U.S. Dept. of Energy