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Last modified at 5/22/2012 9:35 AM by Bharadwaj, Vinod Kumar











I've had medical treatment with radioisotopes - does this matter for dosimetry?
How much dose is seen in FACET tunnel and how can I shield equipment from the radiation?
I'm pregnant or am trying to become pregnant- do I have to tell anyone?
What do I do with my dosimeter when I leave?
Why does my dose report read zero when I know I got more?
​How does one get an online dose report?
Where can I find radiation survey maps?


Where can I find the SLAC ES&H manual?


What is the base set of training that I have to do before being able to work on all aspects of experiment?
What do I need to do to use lasers?
Where can I find the course catalog for SLAC training classes?
Where can I find the portal to the SLAC web-based training system?
Can I transfer my radiological training from another institution?
How often do I need to "refresh" the training?
Do I need to do all the training if I am just going to sit in an office and use a computer?
Can I do more training?




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