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The ASTA accelerator facility is now devoted to the MeV-UED experiment. The MeV-UED is now an LCLS instrument. The LCLS portal to the MeV UED instrument is at:

There are no FACET&Test Facilities programs at ASTA currently running.


Below is the list of experiments previously hosted at ASTA.

Document Library​ (Contains original proposals - restricted access)


T-number Proposal Title Principal Investigator Institution Contact
T-522 CERN x-band accelerator structures Walter Wuensch CERN Walter Wuensch
T-526 Gas phase UED Markus Guehr, Martin Centurion SLAC, University of Nebraska Lincoln Markus Guehr
T-527 Ultrafast structural dynamics in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides Aaron Lindenberg SLAC Aaron Lindenberg
T-528 Nanoscale phonons in freestanding Si membranes Mariano Trigo SLAC Mariano Trigo
T-531 Parallel Coupled Standing Wave Structure Sami Tantawi, Valery Dolgashev SLAC Valery Dolgashev
T-532 Molecular control at UED and LCLS to weave structure together with spectroscopy Ryan Coffee SLAC Ryan Coffee
T-533 Macromolecular Crystallography at the ASTA UED beam Thomas Lane SLAC Thomas Lane
T-535 Proposal bi 2212 Tatiana Konstantinova Stony Brook University Tatiana Konstantinova
T-538 Nano-modulated electron beams for coherent x-ray generation W. Graves ASU Emilio Nanni
T-543 Time-resolved study of melting phenomenon in atomically thin 2D layers Uwe Bergmann SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
T-547 Probing non-equilibrium phonons in femtosecond laser excited random solid solutions using ultrafast electron diffraction Xijie Wang, Mingwei Chen SLAC & SJTU, China, LLNL Qiang Zheng
T-548 Paraffin damage studies Xiaozhe Shen
T-549 Diffuse scattering in gold Hermann Durr SLAC
T-550 Perovskite Aaron Lindenberg SLAC
T-551 TaS2 Hermann Durr SLAC
T-552 2-D material Aaron Lindenberg SLAC
T-553 FePt Alex Reid SLAC
T-554 Gas phase UED Jie Yang, Martin Centurion, James Cryan, Thomas Wolf, Markus Gühr, Mike Minitti, Xijie Wang University of Nebraska Lincoln, Potsdam University Markus Gühr
T-555 Melting study of tungsten with ultrafast electron diffraction Mianzhen Mo, Zhijiang Chen and Siegfried Glenzer SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Mianzhen Mo
T-556 Structural dynamic study of warm dense Au with MeV-UED Mianzhen Mo, Zhijiang Chen and Siegfried Glenzer SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Mianzhen Mo
T-556 Structural dynamic study of warm dense Au with MeV-UED Mianzhen Mo, Zhijiang Chen and Siegfried Glenzer SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Mianzhen Mo
T-557 Structure dynamics of high-Tc Prof. Nuh Gedik  MIT Prof. Nuh Gedik
T-558 Lattice dynamics across the Mott transition in nanosheet-supported VO2 thin films Hermann Durr SLAC Hermann Durr
T-559 Solving the electrons-spins-phonons interplay in the Invar Problem Alex Reid SLAC
T-560 Probing electron-phonon coupling in charge-density-wave in TaSe2−xTex using ultrafast electron diffraction Jing Tao BNL Jing Tao
T-561 Energy relaxation and dissipation in thin films and thin-film hetero-structures Klaus Sokolowski-Tinten University of Duisburg-Essen Klaus Sokolowski-Tinten
T-561.1  Energy relaxation and dissipation in electronically excited metal-insulator heterostructures and nanoparticles Klaus Sokolowski-Tinten Universität Duisburg-Essen Lotharstr. 1 47048 Duisburg
T-562 THz streaking of femtosecond electron beams Renkai Li SLAC National Accelerator Lab Renkai Li
T-563 UED studies of THz-driven structural dynamics in ferroelectrics Aaron Lindenberg Stanford University Aaron Lindenberg
T-564 Phonon-Phonon coupling in 2D semiconductors Tony F. Heinz Stanford University / SLAC Lutz Waldecker
T-566 THz-field-driven dynamics of charge density waves probed by ultrafast electron diffraction Haidan Wen Argonne National Lab Haidan Wen
T-567 THz-pump MeV-UED probe of SrTiO3: Investigation of field-induced structural changes B. Ofori-Okai SLAC B. Ofori-Okai
T-568 THz-driven ion-intercalation dynamics Aaron Lindenberg SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
T-570 Probing the interlayer coupling in MoTe2 and WTe2 using mid-infrared pump and UED probe Edbert Sie/Aaron Lindenberg SLAC
T-571 Probing photostriction and multiferroic switching in transition-metal monochalcogenides Edbert Sie/Aaron Lindenberg SLAC
T-573B Measuring phonon dispersion and lifetimes with ultrafast electron diffuse scattering Arun Majumdar Stanford University
T-574B Ultrafast Electron Diffraction on Low Dimensional Gallium Telluride Shengxi Huang The Pennsylvania State University
T-580 In situ study of lattice dynamics and deformation twinning in shock-compressed single-crystal aluminum with MeV-UED Mianzhen Mo SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Mianzhen Mo
T-581 Resolving ultrafast phase transition pathways and kinetics in iron with UED Sheng-Nian Luo The Peac Institute of Multiscale Sciences
T-584 Measurement of Surface Acoustic Waves in nano-textured thin films Thomas Silva NIST
T-585 Phase change materials Aditya Sood and Marc Zajac Stanford
T-586 Single-shot and high-frequency structural dynamics in topological semimetals Edbert Sie Stanford
T-587 Electron – phonon coupling dynamics in size, shape and composition engineered nanocrystal assemblies using optical-pump/UED-probe measurements Burak Gezelturk Stanford
T-588 Probing collective charge order fluctuations of underdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ Peter Abbamonte, Pinshane Huang University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
T-589 Structure and dynamics of glassy materials Mingwei Chen Johns Hopkins University
T-590 Investigations of photo-induced phase transitions in charge density waves Nuh Gedik MIT
T-591 Spatiotemporal characterization of ultrafast optical property modulation induced by relativistic electrons for enhancing detection in position emission tomography Craig Levin Stanford
T-592 Study of nonequilibrium lattice dynamics in low dimensional 3D-Dirac semimetals Tatiana Konstantinova BNL
T-593 e-beam spectrometer for UED Stephen Weathersby SLAC
T-594 Ultrafast lattice dynamics in two-dimensional zigzag-antiferromagnets FePS3 and NiPS3 probed by ultrafast electron diffraction Xiaodong Xu and Haidan Wen University of Washington and Argonne National Laboratory
T-595 the dynamics of electron-phonon energy relaxation in lanthanide-based nanoparticles Jennifer Dionne and Stefan Fischer Stanford
T-596 Probing exciton-lattice coupling dynamics in near-unity efficiency colloidal nanocrystals using optical-pump/UED-probe measurements Paul Alivisatos, Arunima Balan, Brent Koscher Berkeley
T-597 Non-equilibrium structural dynamics of interfacial charge transfer in 2D layered heterostructures Uwe Bergmann, David Fritz, Pulickel Ajayan, Priya Vashishta SLAC, Rice University, USC Andrew Attar
T-598 Dynamics of electrically-induced phase transformations  Aditya Sood, Aaron Lindenberg, William Chueh Stanford
T-599 Ultrafast light-induced phase transitions in complex metals Venkat Gopalan, Aaron Lindenberg Penn State University, Stanford University
T-600 Measurements of Ultrafast Melting of Aluminum Films Benjamin Ofori-Okai SLAC
T-601 Probing structure dynamics to unveil entangled interactions in quantum materials Jing Tao BNL
T-602 Ultrafast Electron Diffraction on Two Dimensional Gallium Telluride Shengxi Huang The Pennsylvania State University
T-603 Photo-induced Lattice Dynamics of Relaxor Ferroelectrics Suji Park, Aaron Lindenberg Stanford
T-604 Hydrogen bond dynamics in liquid water Pedro Nunes Beam Time Request Template
T-605 Photo-dissociation of diiodomethane in solution resolved with UED Amy Cordones-Hahn, Thomas Wolf, Pedro Nunes, Martin Centurion SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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