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Current Research at ESTB

ESTB provides one of a kind test beams which are essential for developing accelerator instrumentation and performing accelerator R&D. ESTB also provides test beams for particle and astroparticle physics detector research and development with several distinctive features.

The ESTB is a unique resource in all of High Energy Physics for studies requiring high energy, high intensity, low emittance electron beams in a large experimental area. These studies include accelerator instrumentation, linear collider accelerator and machine/detector interface (MDI) R&D, development of radiation-hard detectors, material damage studies, and astroparticle detector research. 
​​​Document Library (Contains original proposals - restricted access)
T-number Proposal Title Principal Investigator Institution Contact Link to Experiment Page Link to Document Library
E-222 Development of Electron Radiography for Material Science Dr. Frank E. Merrill Los Alamos National Laboratory
T-505 Tests of 3D silicon pixel sensors for ATLAS Upgrades Philippe Grenier SLAC
T-506 Electromagnetic Shower Damage to Silicon Diode Sensor Bruce Schumm Santa Cruz
T-507 Test of a RICH-Prototype Based on CsI-GEMs Thomas K Hemmick Stony Brook University
T-508 HERA-B ECal modules beam test in ESTB at SLAC  Edward Brash Christopher Newport University
T-509 Measurement of neutron flux from the beam dump J. Va’vra SLAC
T-510 Geosynchrotron radio emission from extensive air showers Konstantin Belov UCLA
T-511 Silicon-Tungsten Electromaqnetic Calorimeter Raymond Frey University of Oregon
T-512 Tests of a small PbF2 Crystal Array for the g-2 Experiment David Hertzog Univ. of Washington
T-513 Channeling and Volume-Reflection Studies of High-Energy Electrons in Crystals H.-Ulrich (Uli) Wienands SLAC T-513 Experiment Page (restricted access)
T-514 Localized Radiation Damage to Silicon Microstrip Sensors for HPS Per Hansson SLAC
T-516 ESTB Proposal for the ATLAS Inner Tracker (ITK) Upgrade Philippe Grenier SLAC Philippe Grenier
T-517 The PHENIX MPX-EX Calorimeter Thomas K. Hemmick Stony Brook University Thomas K. Hemmick
T-518 Production Belle II iTOP module verification Gary Varner University of Hawaii Gary Varner
T-519 Tests of a 25-Element PbF2 Array for the g-2 Experiment David W Hertzog University of Washington
T-520 Delta Magnet adhesive radiation damage test Clive Field SLAC Cilve Field
T-521 ATLAS Inner Tracker (ITK)/Fast Cluster Finder block of ABCN130 ASIC Andrew Blue/Carl Haber Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Univ Glasgow Sergio Diez Cornell
T-523 Channeling and Volume-Reflection Radiation Studies with  High-Energy Electrons in Crystals H.-Ulrich (Uli) Wienands SLAC Uli Wienands
T-524 STAR Forward Calorimeter System (FCS) Jon Engelage University of California – Space Sciences Laboratory Jon Engelage
T-525 Studies of cluster size in ATLAS IBL pixel modules at very small incidence angles A. Pranko, M. Garcia-Sciveres LBNL A. Pranko
T-529 Radiation Testing of LCLS-II Kicker Electronics Tony Beukers Beam Time Request Template Tony Beukers
T-530 Askaryan Calorimeter Experiment (ACE): Microwave Cherenkov Calorimeters for Ultra-High Intensity Beams Peter Gorham University of Hawaii at Manoa Peter Gorham
T-534 Commissioning, characterization and improvement of the Carleton University Silicon Telescope Carsten Hast SLAC Carsten Hast
T-536 Tests of a the final PbF2 Calorimeter and Straw Tracker detector systems for the Muon g-2 Experiment David Hertzog University of Washington David Hertzog
T-537 Radiation testing of pyroelectric detector with preamp for LCLS-II BLEN system  Leonid Sapozhnikov SLAC Leonid Sapozhnikov
T-539 SLAC ATLAS Silicon Tracking Development Su Dong SLAC Su Dong
T-540 3D Position Reconstruction via Depth-Dependent Diffusion (ePix) Chris Kenney SLAC Chris Kenney
T-541 Testing Beam-Loss Detectors for LCLS-2 Alan Fisher SLAC Alan Fisher
T-542 sFlash Pierre Sokolsky University of Utah Pierre Sokolsky
T-545 LBNL Pixel Devices Maurice Garcia-Sciveres LBNL Maurice Garcia-Sciveres
T-546 DRIFT-BDX beam dump + shielding neutron measurement Daniel Snowden-Ifft Occidental College Daniel Snowden-Ifft
T-576 Detection of coherent radio scatter from electron-beam-induced particle showers Steven Prohira University of Kansas
T-577 MOLLER Shower-Max Prototype Test Krishna Kumar Stony Brook University
T-578 ATLAS HGTD LGAD sensors development  Simone Mazza UCSC
T-579 Diamond Detector Test for LCLS-II BCS Alan Fisher SLAC
T-582 Athermally-Annealed Thin Sensor Chris Kenney SLAC



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