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Document Library​ (Contains original proposals - restricted access)


E-number Proposal Title Principal Investigator Institution Contact
E-300 Energy Doubling of Narrow Energy Spread Witness Bunch while Preserving Emittance with a High Pump-to-Witness Energy Transfer Efficiency in a Plasma Wakefield Accelerator Chan Joshi and Mark Hogan UCLA, SLAC Chan Joshi
E-301 Tailored Plasma Source for Emittance Preservation in Plasma Wakefield Acceleration and High-Brightness Plasma-Injected Beams Michael Litos University of Colorado Boulder Michael Litos
E-302 Transverse wakefields and instabilities in plasma wakefield accelerators Prof. Erik Adli University of Oslo Prof. Erik Adli
E-303 Generation and Acceleration of Positrons at FACET II Ken Marsh and Chan Joshi UCLA Ken Marsh
E-304 Downramp Trapping in PWFA for generating low emittance beams Chaojie Zhang (UCLA), Sebastien Corde (LOA) and Xinlu Xu (SLAC) UCLA/LOA/SLAC Xinlu Xu
E-305 Beam filamentation and bright gamma-ray bursts Sébastien Corde, Ken Marsh, Frederico Fiuza École Polytechnique/LOA, UCLA, SLAC Sébastien Corde
E-306 Beam-Driven Ion Channel Laser Michael Litos University of Colorado Boulder Michael Litos
E-307 Investigating the physics of beam loading using localized beam-induced ionization injection  Navid Vafaei-Najafabadi Stony Brook University Navid Vafaei-Najafabadi
E-308 Extreme Focusing in Vacuum with a Passive Plasma Lens Michael Litos University of Colorado Boulder Michael Litos
E-310 Trojan Horse-II Bernhard Hidding | James B. Rosenzweig University of Strathclyde & Cockcroft Institute | UCLA Bernhard Hidding
E-311 Plasma Torch Optical Density Downramp Injection Bernhard Hidding | James B. Rosenzweig Co-PI Daniel Ullmann University of Strathclyde & Cockcroft Institute | UCLA Bernhard Hidding
E-312 High Brightness Electron Beams from Dragon Tail Injection James B. Rosenzweig, Bernhard Hidding UCLA, Strathclyde James B. Rosenzweig
E-313 Multibunch dechirper for ultrahigh 6D brightness beams Bernhard Hidding, Fahim A. Habib University of Strathclyde & Cockcroft Institute Bernhard Hidding
E-314 Experimental Investigations of Ion Collapse in the PWFA James B. Rosenzweig, Bernhard Hidding UCLA, Univ. Strathclyde James B. Rosenzweig
E-315 Plasma Afterglow Attosecond Metrology Bernhard Hidding, Paul Scherkl, Andrew Sutherland University of Strathclyde & Cockcroft Institute Bernhard Hidding
E-316 Icarus: Transient tunneling ionization of crossing laser and electron beams Bernhard Hidding, Thomas Heinemann University of Strathclyde & Cockcroft Institute; DESY Bernhard Hidding
E-317 TeV/m plasma wakefield acceleration James B. Rosenzweig, Agostino Marinelli UCLA, SLAC James B. Rosenzweig
E-318 Attosecond strong-field physics Agostino Marinelli SLAC Agostino Marinelli
E-319 Flat-beam plasma wakefield acceleration and focusing Gerard Andonian, James B. Rosenzweig UCLA, RadiaBeam James B. Rosenzweig
E-320 Probing Strong-field QED at FACET-II Sebastian Meuren Stanford Sebastian Meuren
E-321 Dielectric wakefield acceleration at GV/m gradients James B. Rosenzweig, Brendan O’Shea UCLA, SLAC James B. Rosenzweig
E-322 Gas Sheet Viewscreen G. Andonian, M. Ruelas RadiaBeam Technologies G. Andonian
E-323 A post-plasma longitudinal bunch diagnostic for FACET-II with fs resolution Jens Osterhoff DESY Jens Osterhoff
E-324 Optical visualization of beam-driven plasma wakefield accelerators M. Downer The University of Texas at Austin M. Downer
E-325 Automatic tuning for high gain, low energy spread, and low variance PWFA Alexander Scheinker Los Alamos National Laboratory Alexander Scheinker
E-326 Non-Intercepting Diagnostics for High Intensity Beams and Computer Control Brendan O’Shea SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Brendan O’Shea
E-327 Virtual diagnostic for phase space prediction and customization at FACET-II Claudio Emma SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Claudio Emma
E-328 Coherent off-axis undulator radiation as a bunch length diagnostic for FACET-II Claudio Emma SLAC National Laboratory Claudio Emma
E-329 A Non-Invasive Current Profile Diagnostic for Electron Bunches Quinn Marksteiner Los Alamos National Laboratory Quinn Marksteiner
E-330 Laserwire for Sector 20 IP Transverse Beam Diagnostics Glen White SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Glen White
E-331 Neural network based tuning to exploit machine-wide sensitivities in pursuit of high beam quality Auralee Edelen SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Auralee Edelen
E-332 Near-field-CTR-based self-focusing in beam-multifoil collisions: towards soliddensity beams, extremely-dense gamma-ray pulses and laserless SFQED Sébastien Corde and Matteo Tamburini IP Paris and MPIK Sébastien Corde
E-333 Positron Acceleration in an Electron Beam-Driven Plasma Filament Wakefield Spencer Gessner SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Spencer Gessner
E-335 Compressing FACET-II e-beam to hundreds of kA Yichao Jing Brookhaven National Lab Yichao Jing

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